Vampire Detective Episode 5 – The Starlet and the Bodyguard

s3.pngNow that I realize that the vamp story line is going to involve mopey not dead girlfriend, I am more than OK watching an episode with little to no vamping.  Especially when San ends up having some pretty great chemistry with the top actress he is busy bodyguarding. Is it too late to throw in the vampire story line and switch to something similar to The Bodyguard?  It is?  SIGH…… I guess I will just take my drama happiness where I can find it and stretch out the feelz of episode 5.  Come join me as I chat about my favorite moments!w2

#1  A Deranged Fan

We have a very human bad guy this week (or so we assume). A taxi driver murdered two women to gain the attention of newbie actress Yoon Seul Ah. He turns himself in and lets everyone know that it was all for “her”.  Ten years later, Yoon Seul Ah has become a top tier actress and the killer is being released from prison.  Can we pause for a moment and be shocked that he is out of jail only 10 years later after murdering multiple people?  Totally crazy.


Coinciding with the creepy killer release, Yoon Seul Ah receives a present with a dead bird inside.  Hmmm, coincidence?  I think not.

#2 No Bodyguards Here

Wanting to keep the death threats out of the media (it could kill an actor’s career) Yoon Seul Ah and her sister hire our detectives to find the person making the threats and keep Seul Ah safe.  Seul Ah is not thrilled with the situation and agrees to bodyguards only if they can fit into her entourage and not be termed as “bodyguards”.

This does not thrill Gyeo Wool who ends up being Seul Ah’s much-afflicted stylist.  I laughed as our cranky girl mixed cigarettes ashes into the star’s coffee.   Just goes to prove that no one should piss off Gyeo Wool and expect to get off scott free. It’s just too bad that San stops her passive aggressive revenge.

#3 Goo Hyung’s Wardrobe

I was a little bit sad that we didn’t get more of Goo Hyung fanboying over his favorite actress.  Especially when he was looking so dapper in the various scenes.


Goo Hyung was forced to do all the leg work as his coworkers hobnobbed with the actress.  Goo Hyung attempted to track down the taxi killer, only to find a deserted apartment.  He also runs around gathering info from their pet detective and black market doctor.  Goo Hyung  might not have gotten the girl, but he did make this blogger twitterpated with his fashion sense.



#4 Shooting Practice

Why can’t San be interested in the actress?  I personally find her to be a better character and have more chemistry than the boring ex.  Did I forget to mention that I am really really unhappy that ex isn’t dead?

I really appreciated that our starlet and San seemed to have a genuine connection.  San was able to cut through all of Seul Ah’s gruff personality and see the fear she tried to hide.  So far, Seul Ah has had the most character growth of any character in this drama.  Truly sad that she isn’t a bigger part of the overall storyline.

#5 The Usual Suspects

My one complaint is that literally every side character is thrown into the suspect list.  The sister, the co-stars, the random lackeys on set, and of course, the taxi killer are all suspects.

Which makes sense since everyone really is out to get Seul Ah.  Her co-star is a perve.  Seul Ah’s BFF is the one trying to torment her with bloody presents (including the mini bomb that hurt Seul Ah’s sister).  And Seul Ah’s set lackey ends up being a crazy revenge killer.



The Set Lackey is actually the son of one of the women murdered by the Taxi Killer.  He kills TK and then goes after Seul Ah, rigging a car to explode with her in it.  It is only due to San’s super vamp strength that she is saved from death.  The bad guys are arrested and Seul Ah is saved.  Goodbye, Seul Ah.  You will be missed.

#6 Let’s Meet Vamp to Vamp

SIGH……. I was kind of enjoying the no vamp story.  But nothing can last forever.  Especially when San is still obsessed over his ex and the crazy vamp that knows her whereabouts. San and Vamp Eun Bi (I totally can’t separate her from the FBRS character either) agree to meet.


Hopefully we will finally get some vampire details next episode.  We are half way in the drama already.  It’s time for some answers.

My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this episode.  Strong plot, great character interaction, and a mystery that was interesting (if a bit predictable). I do have one complaint.  Is it just me, or is there literally no character development going on?  I know they are trying a tiny bit with Gyeo Wool’s character.  But San and Goo Hyung have not changed at all.  Not even a tiny bit.  Even if they don’t realize San is a vamp, you would think the sudden mystery blood would cause some concern or change in their personalities?  Nope.  Same old same old.


Maybe the writers are just saving it all up for the 2nd half. But at this point I am really concerned we will see as little growth as we see vampire moments.

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