Our Romantic Rectangle Heats up in New Teaser for Beast’s Beauty

k2.pngAHHH  They all look so cute!  Especially leading lady, Min Ah who plays ugly ducking Gong Shim.  Her aggressively spunky personality in the trailers just makes me so happy and has 100% convinced me to give this drama a try.  The other three actors ( Nam Goong Min, Ohn Joo Wan, & Seo Hyo Rim) who join our romantic rectangle also are holding their own making this drama look like my new Saturday crack.


I am actually surprised that Beast’s Beauty is getting so little buzz since it looks like it will be all kinds of adorable.  Maybe it is the fact that I have literally seen people reference this show by 3 different titles (Beast’s Beauty, The Beast and His Beauty, Beauty of the Beast) and I am just missing posts.  Either way, it seems to not be on the kdrama radar so I want to give it some love.


The fact that it looks like there is going to be a romantic rectangle rather than the tradition triangle has also caught my interest. I caught glimpses of witty banter, bromance, and literal sismance (the two leading ladies are actual sisters) within the teasers and I am getting excited!  It is also reconnecting Nam Goong Min with the Woman who Sees Smells writer.  I loved his bad guy character in that drama so I can only hope that magic happens twice with this new character.


Beast’s Beauty begins airing on May 14th.


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  1. I’ll have to give this one a try – I had not heard anything about it before but it looks interesting. Also I am loving Oh Hae Young Again – that scene with the hidden door was awesome! I don’t think I would have been that calm if Eric walked out in that towel. So Hot!

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