4 Reasons to Check out My Amazing Boyfriend


I have become addicted to yet another Chinese drama and I have to share.  Because nothing is better than having everyone around me being sucked into the same show.  BWAHAHA.  So get ready to join me in watching My Amazing Boyfriend!  The story of an immortal hottie and a cursed b-lead actress who must overcome intrigues & shenanigans to fall in love.

SYNOPSIS: Xue Ling Qiao (Kim Tae Hwan) is a mutant man with superpowers who has been roaming the Earth for 500 years but has been trapped in a deep sleep for the past 100 years. When B-actress Tian Jing Zhi (Wu Qian) gets into a car accident, Ling Qiao is released from his sleep trap. He uses his powers to heal her wounds and bring her back to life. With nowhere else to go, Ling Qiao forces his way into rooming with Jing Zhi in her apartment, becoming embroiled in her crazy world of trying to make it as an actress under the shadows of a perfect A-list star.


If you think that this really resembles My Love From Another Star well, you would be somewhat right.  There is definite MLFAS vibe when it comes to the styling, especially in the house.  Thankfully the story stands on its own and has a great quirky vibe and ease that the former didn’t possess. If you are wondering why China doesn’t just do a straight out remake of the popular Kdrama there is a very simple explanation. Aliens are a topic that is not allowed in dramas according to the censors since aliens are not real.  Something that could confuse the Chinese public if they see it in a drama.  But 500-year-old immortal men are totally valid for a drama topic.  Take a moment and let that sink in.


#4 The Fluffy Plot

I am one of those people that love a wide variety of genres.  I especially am fond of super dark revenge shows and am watching several right now.  But after those serious shows, I tend to crave fluff.  Wonderfully bubblegum flavored cotton candy fluff.  It is even better if the fluffy drama has an actual plot to enjoy.


Thankfully My Amazing Boyfriend hits both criteria.  If you want just a fun romance full of hilarious hijinks and not a lot of depth (but still a plot) then this is the drama for you.

#3 Sexy Boyfriends (both past & present)

Our Jing Zhi really wants to be in love.  Hence, her constant attempts to find “the one”.  Sadly, they all seem to fall in love with a different friend and Jing Zhi is left desolate and alone.  Ex-Boyfriends 6 and 7 are a part of our current story.  One is a scientist at the lab which had been hired to study Ling Qiao (back when he was a corpse) and the other is a cop searching into the disappearance of the same corpse.  They provide entertaining filler and also background on Jing Zhi’s disaster with relationships.

The current “boyfriend” is our alien (oops I mean immortal monster) Ling Qiao.  Not that they are really dating as of episode 14.  It is a ruse to explain why Ling Qiao is living with Jing Shi.  I suspect it is only a matter of time til it becomes real.


The actor playing Ling Qiao (Kim Tae Hwan) is actually Korean.  He isn’t really that impressive as an actor but I am still enjoying his character and the chemistry between him and Jing Zhi so I will give him a pass.  Hopefully, Kim Tae Hwan takes some lessons before his next drama.

#2 Quirky Monster Hijinks

Let’s get a tiny bit of background about Ling Qiao and how he exists.  Ling Qiao was bitten by a poisonous jaguar 500 years ago.  Somehow (no real clear explanation as to why) his recovery resulted in him being immortal.  400 years after that Ling Qiao is somehow forced into a coma for a 100 years and ends up in a museum as a historical showpiece.  While being transported from the Museum the truck rams into Jing Zhi’s car.  Miraculously the coffin goes flying and somehow mixes with Jing Zhi’s blood reviving the immortal.  They are now officially connected.


Since Ling Qiao is brilliant (of course he is), the immortal is able to adapt to modern culture within a month.  Realizing that Jing Zhi is pretty much a walking disaster he decides to stay by her side.


In order to stay in Jing Zhi’s house Ling Qiao keeps outing himself as her boyfriend to everyone, including her parents.  He also has to constantly heal the accident prone actress through his life-giving kiss.  I kid you not.  Ling Qiao’s tongue heals all illness (literally) and he is constantly making out with Jing Zhi……for her own good of course.


#1 The Leading Lady

Gah!!!!!!!!!!  She is just so flipping adorable.  I just want to bottle up the cuteness of Tian Jing Zhi and spread it out through dramaland.  More actresses need to learn to let themselves look goofy.  As a viewer, I highly appreciate it.  Not only is her character adorable but the actress can actually act.  I usually have no expectations when it comes to Chinese actresses.  Often, the style China enjoys is not what I enjoy in an actress.  I suffer through for the various stories.  So it is so refreshing to finally watch a Cdrama where I am totally on board for the female lead.  She outshines all the men in my opinion and is by far the #1 reason to check out My Amazing Boyfriend.

So now that you have multiple reasons to check this show out, stop doing whatever you are doing, and plop down on your couch and prepare to dramathon.  I promise that you won’t be disappointed.


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  1. All it took was one episode to get me hooked on this drama. It’s silly and quirky in that unique Chinese way, but I fell for the lead actress and her cuteness immediately. I like the comedy elements and that ,as of episode 7 anyway, it wasn’t heavy on the drama at all. While lead guy can’t act, sorry KTH it’s true, he has an adorable connection with the lead actress, and I have to give him props for that considering they probably can’t communicate verbally very well. I also like that he isn’t a jerk to her just because she’s accident prone and impulsive. If anyone here knows of an English translation of the Chinese book this show is based on, I’d love to read it.

  2. Pwahaha!! XD I literally laughed out loud at the “healing tongue” bit! How fanservicey and convenient! XD Thanks for the recommendation, this looks like fun ^^

  3. i’ve been watching this off and on, its mindless, cute & fun! I don’t think the actor’s all that bad, def seen worse and the way he plays this character is on point 🙂 …. although i found his likeness to KSH downright eerie in the first two episodes!! how bizarre lol
    with so much angst and melo in kdramaland, this one’s a great respite!

  4. Yup, it’s fun, cute, harmless fluff – just the right thing to watch when you don’t want to think or angst too much. The heroine is definitely the best part of the show, she’s adorable.

    As for how the hero became immortal. Well, the way I understood it – as a last resort the doctor had him take medicine made of all sorts of ingredients, some downright lethal. Evidently combined with the poison already in him (from the jaguar bite), it not only healed him but turned him into the ‘enhanced’ human he is now. Even the doc was shocked, so I guess he didn’t expect that to happen. 😉

    XD Hahaha… “healing tongue” … though I believe it’s his blood that heals.

  5. Love this drama so much and you are so right about the #1 reason is the leading lady. I’m not into cdrama because of the acting style. I love kdrama. But this lead girl is amazing. She’s so charming.

  6. I really love this drama, the male and the female leads looks good together..its fun and refreshing..great story, its worth watching and I can’t wait for season 2.. Hoping it will be so soon. 🙂

  7. I liked the show a lot.. found the dubs of both leads annoying, but I got used to it.. I’d rather they used the real voices.. and explained his possible poor Chinese in some plot story line.. I did read he’s learning Chinese. I love the Korean language.. Chinese just isn’t nice to my ears,But..I liked it enough to want to know more.. and would love to know if the novel is avail in Eng Translation anywhere.. I’ve searched but can’t find it. Glad to hear that there is going to be a Part 2 of the storyline.. got to know about the baby.. and just toss logic out he window for all of it. The comparison to Love from another star is VERY Far Fetched. Acting wise.. I felt it was VERY slapstick.. and I can’t say it’s a GREAT drama.. but it is funny.. and I think it’s a GOOD drama. Love from another star is a GREAT drama.. but again.. almost nothing alike in feel , acting, storyline, ect.. only a super person in both is the similarity. So if anyone can find a link to the translated novel, or any of the author’s works translated online I would appreciate it, and I’m sure other fans would love it too.

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