Seo In Guk Teaches the Art of the Con in New Trailer for 38 Police Squad


38 Police Squad is trying to kill me with sexy Seo In Guk awesomeness. It truly is a fangirl’s idea of heaven.  Seriously? How can I be so moved from just a trailer?  47 seconds of pure beautifully toned perfection.  The massive amount of lip shots doesn’t hurt either.  I am definitely a fan of Seo In Guk’s lips.

This trailer continues the contrast between Seo In Guk, a professional con man and Ma Dong Seok who plays a cop who is a little more awkward when it comes to being smooth with the lies. They come together to take down tax evaders and, at least in Seo In Guk’s case, looks mighty fine while doing it.

38 Police Squad is set to air on June 18th and I will of course be recapping every delicious moment.  SQUEEEE! I can’t wait.



0 thoughts on “Seo In Guk Teaches the Art of the Con in New Trailer for 38 Police Squad

    • SQUEEEEEE! I KNOW! Sorry. Still in full fan girl mode. All my friends need to wake up and fangirl with me. Who needs sleep when you have Seo In Guk being all sexy and stuff.

      • I’m at work and I was panting at the sight of the trailer and making keening noises. My coworkers think I’ve gone crazy. Who needs to be sane when Seo in Guk looks that sexy on screen?

  1. The trailer release right after i arrive at work. Yup. Work to the ground. N tht shot showing his face.. Like he got so cute n bam sexy man. How van he be both at the same time! Love how pds now know inguks strength with his eyes n lips. Yaassss. I was waiting for u to do this!!!!

  2. 46 secs of Seo In Guk wholesome smoking smexiness. Kept me distracted at work whole day long.

    Look forward to you squeecapping. We’ll be squeeing with you. No worries. Fighting!

  3. Oh my goodnesss gracious me. Thanks for taking all those lip screenshots, I’m downloading them and using as rotating wallpaper.

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