Vampire Detective Episode 6-A Game of Clue, anyone?

Now this was my kind of episode. No, it wasn’t fast paced or particularly suspenseful, but we got to know Goo Hyung a lot better. We get a Clue type set up where all the suspects are brought in and then we have to figure out who the murderer is. I’m going with Colonel Mustard in the library with a plunger.

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Where? Goo Hyung’s 20-year high school reunion.


What? Was one of their fellow classmates Lee Soo Yeon’s death a murder or suicide?



Professor Plum – One of their teachers who joins them for drinks and food at the reunion and was also present on the night in question. There were rumors flying around about him and our dead girl. Everyone thought the Lee Soo Yeon threw herself at him, and he rejected her.

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Goo Hyung as Mr. Green – He was there the night Lee Soo Yeon died. And in flashback we see him carving her name in the bench at school. Yeah, boy had a crush on our dead girl. He’s also everyone’s number 1 suspect because he dropped out of school right after Soo Yeon’s death.


Colonel Mustard – Only other male classmate there beside Goo Hyung. Not sure if he has a motive.


Noh Hee Sook as Mrs. White – She was jealous of our dead girl’s grades and liked to exchange gossip about Soo Yeon with her fellow classmate regarding rumors she’d heard. She also had a crush on our favorite human detective and didn’t want Soo Yeon to try to woo him away from her.

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Kim Ji-Yeon as Mrs. Peacock – She’s the one who gets Goo Hyung to go to the reunion and also the one to set the whole murder mystery game in motion. It’s been bugging her for 20 years and she wants to know the truth. Also, she feels pretty guilty because in a jealous fit she started the rumors about Soo Yeon and their teacher.


Im Mi Ra as Miss Scarlet – She was jealous of both Soo Yeon’s looks and grades.


What do we know about that fateful night? The teacher knew they were all in the classroom drinking and playing a game. The game is one of those where everyone takes a card and one person gets a star while everyone else gets a number. The person with the star pulls a mission out of the box. Like #2 has to slap #4. The two people complete the mission and then the cards are reshuffled and you play again. They’d played and had fun  until Im Mi Ra pulled a mission that said: #3 will kill #5. They were spooked by this and taken a break until they hear the sound of Soo Yeon falling to her death. The reason they question the suicide is because in Soo Yeon’s pocket they found the #5 card.

Where were our players when Soo Yeon died? Miss Scarlet and Mrs. Peacock are in the classroom together. Mrs. White was alone taking her medicine. Mr. Green was in the bathroom, Colonel Mustard was smoking, and Professor Plum isn’t playing the game so we don’t know.

Who did it? Professor Plum on the roof with the help of Miss Scarlet.

San figures out that everyone received a #3 card that night so all of them thought they would be the suspect. Im Mi Ra is the one that set it all up. She even passed along a message to Soo Yeon so she’d go up on the roof.


How does San deduce all of this? It’s thanks to Gyeo Wool’s mad computer skills. She finds out that our teacher was dismissed from another school because of an inappropriate relationship with a student. Turns out Soo Yeon knew that Ji Yeon started those rumors about her and wanted to show her what was really going on. So she’d dragged her to the teacher’s office to peak through the window. Inside the teacher was unbuttoning Im Mi Ra’s shirt. Ji Yeon’s so shocked that they both fall over. Soo Yeon fell to the ground while Ji Yeon ran off. Which was when the teacher turned around and saw Soo Yeon on the ground. He knew there was someone with her but she would never give up the name. So he set up the whole situation with the drinking and the game to not only get rid of Soo Yeon, but to keep whoever was with her quiet.

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Things we learned from this episode.

(1) Goo Hyung was an adorable teen. He’d had a crush on Soo Yeon and all the kids were mean to her because of jealousy. He’d been the one to stand up for her. No wonder she crushed on him in return.


(2) Either Gyeo Wool hasn’t had her first kiss or she has a little crush on San. During the game they played in the present one of the cards said that Gyeo Wool and San should kiss. She opts to down a bottle of soju instead. I really want her to end up with Goo Hyung!


(3) San can’t fight off an army of vamps. And Yo Na just wants to establish their relationship, not actually do anything about that relationship. Or something like that. I’m still not sure what her deal is except find the cure so she can go out in the sun. Which I think would just mean she needs to take San’s blood and study it, but I’m not am evil vamptress so I don’t know. There were zero actual vamp moments this episode, but the previews make it look like we’re finally diving all the way into the vamp world, so let’s hope.


Until our next shot on our blood inhaler,

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