Monster Episode 10 – Love & War……Mostly War

10.pngThere are so many battle cry moments in this episode that there was little room for plot movement.  We also have a bunch of stupid hospital stuff going on but I hate that even more than office politics so I will ignore the sick.  Just like the big wigs do.  See I am totally channeling my inner chaebol.  Now if I just was Korean…. and had money……and maybe owned a hospital or two.  

Ki Tan VS Shin Yeong

We left episode 9 right as Shin Yeong realizes she had been tricked by Ki Tan about her attacker.  She calls Ki Tan and Yoo Seon into her office and attempts to fire our leading lady.  Yoo Seon falls to her knees and begs since she is the only breadwinner for her ill brother.

This doesn’t move Shin Yeong at all, but Ki Tan see her weaknesses and says that firing Yoo Seon would not be a smart move.  With Yoo Seon’s personality, she is sure to go onto the company online boards and badmouth her boss.  If she does, it will weaken Shin Yeong’s authority.  Especially if it comes out that she got beaten up by an employee.  This does the trick and Yoo Seon’s job is saved.

Ki Tan not only saves Yoo Seon from getting fired but also agrees to lend her the money she needs for hospital bills.  Awww.  I really love their slow moving romance.  It gives me warm kdrama fuzzies.  Also doesn’t hurt that it is setting up the future love triangle as Gun Woo watches her give Ki Tan a hug in the background.


Shin Yeong has her revenge when Ki Tan becomes her personal secretary.  Not only does that keep Ki Tan away from anything that can help his revenge plans, he is also forced to make coffee for Dodo’s Princess. I think we can call this battle a draw.

Shin Yeong VS Kwang Woo

It is brother and sister, fighting for control over Dodo group and the right to be the future CEO.  Personally, I wouldn’t leave my pet goldfish in these two’s care.  That goldfish would be flushed within hours.  Just like all the sick people that have cancer from Dodo groups silverware line.  They should never be allowed to be in charge of a multi-million dollar company with thousands of people depending on them for their livelihood.  Responsible is not the siblings forte.

When it comes to these two and their fight for control, I have to give my vote behind Shin Yeong.  There is a slight chance she is not a totally horrible person.  With Kwang Woo, we already know that ship sailed long ago.


Ki Tan VS Sung Ae

I guess that I am going to have to learn our government spies name after all.  Especially since it looks like she will become more of a player going forth.  Although is it just me, or does her handler seem all kinds of shady?  Either way, Sung Ae is very suspicious of Ki Tan and vice versa.  It is obvious to both that there is something more to the other.


Events come to a head when Ki Tan and Sung Ae infiltrate a Dodo Group thug hideout at the same time.  Ki Tan is caught by the thugs and after a valiant fight is stabbed and about to be overrun.  Enter Sung Ae who has discovered that the other thief is Ki Tan.

Sung Ae chooses to go save her co-worker instead of finishing her mission.  After some kick ass moves, Sung Ae pulls the bleeding Ki Tan in the elevator to escape.  Ki Tan pulls off her mask and is shocked at his savior’s identity.

Personally, I think this is less of a war between two people and more of an eventual treaty of cooperation.  Sung Ae is too uptight good to go evil so I am sure she will eventually be a full-fledged member of Team Ki Tan.

My Thoughts:

Things are shaping up nicely.  I like the mix of the newbies into the politics of Dodo Group.  It makes it all bearable.  Now if we could just get more romance I would be as happy as a clam.

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