Lucky Romance Drops Trailer Full of Rom-Com Hijinks

9.pngFinally, we get a look into the upcoming drama Lucky Romance and our charismatic future OTP. They sure piled on the extreme personalities in this trailer which makes me hope we are going to get a straight up wacky rom-com.  I know I continually pray for that in my trailer reviews, but that is just what I want so I will continue to be optimistic.

We get the whole range of typical rom-com tropes, including a screechy Hwang Jung Eum.  But I am in the mood for a traditional romantic comedy kdrama so I am OK as long as the story turns out entertaining.  And with a leading lady looking for a one night stand from her uptight virginal landlord, all in the name of good luck, how could things go wrong?


Lucky Romance is set to air on May 25th.



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