Vampire Detective Episode 7 – Sometimes Even Vamps Need a Good PI

28This drama is all drought and downpour as we get more vampires than you can fit in a nightclub.  We also get some awesome Yo Na and San investigating and our resident vampiress’s backstory.  So much to fit into one episode, so let’s jump right into the action!


Can I hear a woot-woot?  After seven weeks I thought this moment would never happen.  But yes!  Red eyes, pointy teeth, covered in blood….. it is officially a vamp sighting!  Sadly it is neither of the leads and the two men (one who had just been released from prison) are very vague on who the “him” is which they both refer to with fear. I guess they could be talking about Joo Young Kwang (the guy who we search for this episode), but I feel like we might be looking for an unknown character to still emerge.

#2 Let’s Work Together

Evil vamp Eun Bi needs San for a job. To find a man, Joo Young Kwang, for her within one night.  In case San has any ideas about defying her, Vamp Eun Bi is holding the vamp scooby squad as collateral in her nightclub.  In other words, San needs to complete the job by 6AM or his friends are a vampire breakfast buffet.


They go to a warehouse where VEB tells San to go do his PI thing and find her answers.  Answers to what?  We don’t know.  What we do know is he sees with his Vamp Senses that they are bottling blood and distributing it.  He finds some leads in the trash which lead them to a high-end barber shop.  Because that totally makes sense.


#3 Anyone up for a Close Shave?

Doesn’t make sense but it leads us to my third favorite moment of the episode….. Lee Joon getting a sexy shave.  This should be a thing… I would totally tune into a youtube channel to watch khotties (especially Lee Joon) get barbershopesque things done.  Shaves, haircuts, scalp massages…. this should be a thing.  22.png

This scene also includes the beginning of  my new and extreme love of Yo Na (I like her enough to call her by her real name and not just vamp Eun Bi now) and San being an investigating duo.  Am I the only one that thinks they have crazy chemistry?



#4 Bad Dancing and Even Worse Instincts

How does this even make sense?  They literally are partying til 4AM and don’t realize that something is off.  Well everyone, but Gyeol Wool, but even she is really slow considering San had been missing for a good five hours.  At least we get a lot of hilarious Goo Hyung dance moments.  The poor guy does NOT have dance moves.



We have a crossover moment!  The search for the mysterious Joo Young Kwang leads our vamp duo to a bar.  A very familiar bar.  A bar owned by one of the besties of sexy Vampire Prosecutor Min Tae-Yeon.  The bartender informs San that he will give them info in exchange for help finding Tae Yeon who had disappeared three years previously.  San promises to find the missing vamp.  Ugh.  They are being such teases.  I continue to hope for a Vampire Prosecutor 3 and if this is the writers way of suggesting it will actually happen, I will forgive all of the drama’s previous plot failures and award it a resounding 10.  Hear that writers/cast/producers …. you need to get cracking and make VP3 happen.

#6 Backstory and Monsters


Let’s take a moment and chat about the crazy backstory for Yo Na.  It starts off so sweet.  Girl meets boy, they fall in love, twitterpated cuteness is everywhere.  Then girl’s mother, a border, and the girl, are attacked by a vampire. Everyone is killed except for the girl who turns and takes to munching on patients at the hospital.  Boy discovers her secret and in an attempt to help her, he goes on a murder spree to drain people of their blood for his girlfriend.  HUH…. did not see that one coming.

In fact, he kills and drains people for over ten years, supposedly to keep Yo Na from having blood on her hands.  Uhm, it kind of looks like Young Kwang is getting off on the kill now.  Not the sweet little doctor from the past.


Eventually, Yo Na and Young Kwang begin mass producing bottled blood in wine bottles even though their romantic relationship sours I am assuming it’s from poor innocent people who are being drained like the hobos from an earlier episode.  It also seems that this has been going on for a good fifty years since we finally catch up with Young Kwang who much older than when he started.


The older Young Kwang has been hiding a secret from Yo Na.  Turns out he went back to where they were from and married Yo Na’s romantic rival from her human days.  Ouch.  Young Kwang pretty much tells her he is done protecting her.  The older woman also butts in to inform Yo Na that her husband is finished with her now and Yo Na needs to leave him alone.  Yo Na is a monster, and he is human after all.  Okay, I’m sorry, but are we forgetting the fifty + years that he has been killing hobos and innocents for a profit?  I would like to debate the whole “not a monster” part of this situation.

Enraged Yo Na orders San to kill the old woman.  When San refuses, Yo Na does it herself and goes to tear out the woman’s throat.  She munches, but is stopped from the kill when lights sudden burst on, hurting Yo Na.  A bunch of thugs rush in and drag away Young Kwang and his wife.  San had covered Yo Na with his jacket protecting her when he spies the head thug and realizes that it is his supposed dead friend from his police days.  San runs after them screaming the guy’s name as the countdown runs out for his friends at the club.


My Thoughts:

Well, that was a whole lot of info to digest in only one episode.  I enjoyed seeing Yo Na’s backstory but wish we had more detail on when Young Kwang went missing.  Why was it so important that they find him that night?  Do the other vamp thugs, including San’s police buddy, work for Young Kwang?

I feel like we got this awesome backstory, but there are huge ginormous gaps that can’t be ignored or explained away.  I personally feel that they could easily have fleshed out this episode into two and things would have made a lot more sense.

Surprisingly, I am really enjoying Yo Na and San working together.  They have this really odd sync that is unexpected.  To be perfectly honest, I would totally be OK with Yo Na finding some kind of redemption and having a tragic (she has to pay for her crimes) romance story with San.  It has to be better than whatever crap plot line they plan with his whiny, pouting, ex who still bugs me seven episodes later.


One complaint I still have is the lack of development with San’s own health situation.  He isn’t a vamp in my opinion.  Had no problems with blood and except for the occasional blood inhaler moment, doesn’t seem to show any vamp at all.  So when are we going to start discussing that aspect of the show?  With only five episodes left, time is running out.

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