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I am currently in full blown fangirl mode over the current airing drama Another Miss Oh (Another Oh Hae Young), so it is only fitting that I take a deeper look into the past projects of Seo Hyun Jin.  It also helps that she is my female bias so I have tons of stuff to fangirl over!2sa

The Rules of Fangirl Stalking:

We will start with the dramas I think are must watch works by the actor.  Followed by the shows that could go either way.  This means that they are worth watching in my opinion, but I know there are some people who don’t like the genre.  Lastly, we will cover the dramas/movies that you really could skip and not miss much (at least in regards of the actor featured).  These are the shows that are for die-hard fans who want to watch everything.  So let’s jump into obsessing about Seo Hyun Jin

Must Watch

King’s Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang


SQUEEEEEEEE!  This drama is my all time favorite show starring Seo Hyun Jin.  Not only is it a brilliantly written and directed drama, but Seo Hyun Jin’s character totally kicks butt.   Born as a princess but hidden away with her mother and raised a peasant, Soo Baek Hyang goes through her life not realizing that she is royalty.  In fact, her half sister finds out about the whole princess thing and takes her place in court.  Thinking her sister is dead, Baek Hyang ends up in the capital and becomes a spy for the monarchy, falling in love with the prince.  This show is how you do a Sageuk right.  Don’t let the high episode count deter you.  Considering that the episodes are just over a half an hour, it ends up being a pretty standard length for a historical and is completely worth the time spent.

Check out this fun clip of Seo Hyun Jin’s character and start watching episode 1 now.  You won’t be disappointed.

Let’s Eat 2

9.pngThis drama will probably be a little bit controversial with some viewers.  Mostly depending on whether they watched the first drama before checking out the sequel (stands alone so you don’t have to watch 1 first.)  Yes, this is the second time the leading man has fallen in love over food, but I personally thought the OTP was much better the 2nd time around.  Although that could be my love of all things Seo Hyun Jin talking.  Either way, make sure to check Hyun Jin out as she eats her way into our hearts in Let’s Eat 2.

Another Miss Oh


I am putting this one into the lineup because I am literally obsessed and just want to make sure everyone is checking it out.  Currently airing on TvN, Another Miss Oh is a smartly developed drama about two characters coming together emotionally after they had been dumped at the altar.  There are many unexpected twists and turns in the plot and is one of the few dramas that is not full of expected tropes.  It also helps that Seo Hyun Jin and Eric have AMAZING chemistry.  They both play damaged everyday people to perfection.  So hurry and check it out.  Also, if you are looking for somewhere to chat about this drama, I have a very active discussion group going on FB.  Feel free to come join us in all our fangirling glory.

Depending On the Mood

Feast of the Gods


Did you ever want to check out Seo Hyun Jin playing the evil 2nd lead?  Then Feast of the Gods is your drama.  This is your standard birth secrets, cooking, and all around makjang weekend drama. It is a great show to showcase her acting range and deserves a viewing.

The Three Musketeers

11.pngI loved Seo Hyun Jin so much in this drama. Her version of bumbling queen who just wants to seduce her husband was by far the highlight of the show.   The actual story itself was a bit hit and miss but if you want khotties and a hilariously clumsy queen fluff drama, then check this one out.

For the Die Hard Fans

I have yet to watch anything of Seo Hyun Jin’s work that I hate so this catagory remains empty!  WOOT.


Thanks for joining me as I fangirled over my girl crush.  It is not often that a female gains my attention over the khotties, but this feisty actress really is talented and deserves a shout out.  As always, feel free to leave comments on who you would like in future Fangirl Stalking posts.  There is a good chance they will come up in a future edition.

Til our next stalking adventure,


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  1. I’ve watched and enjoyed Let’s Eat 2 and Feast of the Gods, and forgot she was in them…thanks for the reminder. I am loving Another Oh Hae Young … too anxious waiting for next episodes lol!!

  2. kim seul gi for next time fangirl stalking chuseyo!what a great fangirl stalking recap sis😍😍😎😎remeber her in feast of god, she potray well in her character of that makjang drama!!!

  3. Love her also and thanks, I will check out King’s Daughter. Not trying to be picky (Dramabeans does this also) but in English, “alter” (verb) means to change something while “altar” (noun) is the table used in worship, so I think the latter is what’s correct for Oh Hae Young again. I always enjoy your writings.

  4. Eeeee– is it strange that I have not watched any episodes of these dramas and yet am already in love with her acting? I’ve seen snippets of Oh Hae Young Again and I think I am beginning to be her fangirl!! Will definitely take your recommendation and start the sageuk today.

  5. though im late! im her fan since watching her in three musketeers and after that i downloaded all her dramas and binge watched it and i fell more in love with her!

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