Monster Episode 13 – Making A Move

12.pngI am officially caught up …. more or less ….. which is awesome! Even better is that I will be caught up on the recapping as well …. more or less!  YAY all the way around.  Add in the fact that Ki Tan’s revenge has started and Gun Woo is giving the viewers the 2nd lead warm fuzzies and you have a pretty awesome episode. Calgj24WIAEb4JI

There were several moments that I think we should take a quick moment to discuss.  Especially since we had a lot of character growth and while no one has totally picked a side, Soo Yeon and Gun Woo are leaning pretty heavy to the Good Guy side.

Elaborate Plotting

First, let us discuss the background of how T9 and all of its evil effects were leaked to the public.  Turns out that it was all thanks to Greedy Uncle.  Yup, Greedy Uncle is the  puppet master behind the whistle-blowing of T9 so he could take down Kwang Woo and eventually have Gun Woo take his rightful place.  You have to give it to Greedy Uncle…. he thinks long term.


Gun Woo is appalled that Evil Uncle killed someone when he caused the T9 leak.  But Greedy Uncle just laughs and says that Gun Woo is a hypocrite since he found Gun Woo when he had killed his stepdad.  Really he is a saint by killing only one person so that thousands can be saved in the future from the dangerous chemical.  Sure Greedy Uncle, you are practically a saint (insert eye roll).


Gun Woo as a White Knight

Slowly but surely we see Gun Woo turning into a pretty good guy.  So much so that he is finally achieving 2nd lead status as he attempts to charm Soo Yeon.  Following Soo Yeon as she attempts to prove that the Senator’s Wife is innocent (Dodo had framed her for the T9 leak) Gun Woo swoops in and saves her (or at least her feet) as she runs away barefoot from the chemical plant.  You can tell that being carried in Gun Woo’s arms give her a bit of a fluttery moment.  Is it enough to woo her away from Ki Tan?  Only time can tell.

Ki Tan and the Thug Boss

Thanks to Evil Uncle’s plotting, Kwang Woo and Thug Boss are being thrown under the bus for having a hidden slush fund.  Evil Uncle also has plans to snag the dead senator’s phone that Thug Boss is keeping for leverage.  Enter Ki Tan who is Evil Uncle’s new right-hand man.


He sends Ki Tan back in undercover so he is nearby when the police raid Thug Boss’s office.  Surprisingly, Thug Boss was smart enough to get rid of the phone and anything incriminating.  Which means Ki Tan must go to plan B.


Plan B includes letting Thug Boss “escape” and Ki Tan pretend to save his boss and go pick up the hidden phone.  Which totally works, except that Thug Boss figures out that Evil Uncle ratted him out.  Before he gets on a ship for China, with the cell phone, he has his thug underlings kidnap Evil Uncle for some payback.


The episode ends with Ki Tan seeing his Uncle tied up and waiting for a beating.  Will this be the time Ki Tan gets his revenge?  Guessing that we are only a 1/5 through the series, it isn’t, but still happy to think about Evil Uncle getting roughed up a bit.  If anyone deserves it, it is him.


My Thoughts:

I was surprised at how much I didn’t mind Soo Yeon and Gun Woo having a little bit of a romantic moment.  If Ki Tan wasn’t in the picture, I could totally jump on that ship.  Maybe if Gun Woo gets more romantic he can finally change his hair.  I don’t know what it is, maybe the color or the cut, but this just isn’t working for me.  I need him to look a bit edgier and less salaryman.


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