Monster Episode 14 – An Ethical Dilemma

g11.jpgIn my humble opinion, this episode was all about Soo Yeon coming to terms with her conscious and doing what is right.  And she did it with both dignity and strength of character.  Something that makes me love her, even if she lacks the flash of some of our other leads.

A few other things happened as well which I will touch on via picture montage.  Running behind (as usual) and am trying to type this post in-between kids getting out of school and driving them to Volleyball practice.  There just is never enough time.

Ki Tan had the opportunity to stab his Greedy Uncle.  Too bad he still has to get all his money back before he can go on to the “kill Uncle” portion of the plan (Yes, I know that he won’t actually kill the scum, but a viewer can dream)

Don’t you just wish Ki Tan had stabbed him just a little bit?  Missing everything vital but just enough to cause extreme pain.  Sigh, opportunity missed.


They are able to capture all the bad guys before blood is actually shed and recover the cellphone in one swoop.  Forcing Kwang Woo to take responsibility for T9 is back on track.  Or it would be if CEO Dad didn’t hire Moon Taek to make sure the video never sees the light of day.

Moon Taek pays the prosecutor’s lackey to delete the video and the backup video so there is no proof that Kwang Woo is guilty.  Except for his smirky expressions and general douchiness.

Look at this face.  It screams I am guilty of everything.  Yet another character I wouldn’t mind getting a tiny bit stabbed.


Seeing that the case is going south, Soo Yeon stands up and volunteers to speak out against Kwang Woo’s knowledge of the poisonous T9 and the attempts to cover it up.  Turns out our leading lady had come across her boss and Head Thug talking about the case and took a video with her phone.  Kwang Woo rushes to attack Soo Yeon and is stopped by security. Before he gets escorted from the courtroom Soo Yeon asks the judge to make Kwang Woo stay.  He needs to acknowledge how his actions dishonored the company and made all his employees liars.


I love how Soo Yeon can get her point across with no violence.  Just basic ethical awesomeness.  Sure it would not have worked if Greedy Uncle didn’t secretly want her to spill the beans but that doesn’t diminish her moment.

My Thoughts:

Continuing to like all the character growth.  Not much else to say since we are in the slow character building part of the story.  Things go a bit slower when a drama is 50 episodes.

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