Scarlet Heart Ryeo (Moon Lovers) Releases 1st Stills


Usually, I wouldn’t bother doing a post just because some character stills have been released (Unless they involve my bias Seo In Guk).  But it has been a slow news day and I am really looking forward to this drama so here we go.

Hmmm.  If nothing else these stills are very visually dramatic.  I am a bit sad that so much of Lee Joon Ki‘s face is covered in hair, but the look could grow on me.  He will be playing 4th Prince Wang So who is making his move to become king.  Not a total shoo-in considering he will be competing with 13 other brothers for the throne.  IU plays the time-traveling heroine Hae Soo who must deal with court intrigue since she is unexpectedly trapped in the past.  This time traveling adaptation of the famous Chinese Drama (Scarlet Heart) is set to air on August 29th. I am looking forward to seeing how it compares to the original.


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