Vampire Detective Episode 8- We need an exorcist, and it’s not for the ghost.

IMG_6183And we’re back to our cases of the week after detouring for only one episode into Vampland. But it might make you happy to know there is very little case solving going on this week. Mostly we jump straight into the Exorcist. Grab your talismans and a bag of spirit warding rice and let’s get started.

My favorite episode of this show was when we delved into Goo Hyung’s past. You’d think doing the same thing with Tattoo Doc would deliver similar results. It doesn’t. We do find out that Tattoo Doc used to be a real doctor but his dad died while he was trying to save him. There are other issues surrounding this that compound Tattoo Doc’s guilt. His mom believed a Buddhist priest when he said the dad was possessed and shouldn’t get treatment (surgery) for his cancer. She had the priest perform an exorcist like ritual on him instead. When this didn’t work, his dad ended up dying of cancer. Now the same priest thinks that Tattoo Doc’s sister is possessed and needs the same ritual done.


I’m going to give you a bullet point of how this show might be possessed and is actually the one that needs an exorcist.

Um… how did our little gang of people get out of the vamp club full of hungry vampires salivating over their lovely necks? We start the episode and they don’t even talk about how they survived or got out of the club. Way to suck the air out of our tension balloon. It took 7 episodes to actually get some vamp action and we just tralala back home ready for our next case.

The title of our drama is Vampire Detective. We only get a few seconds of vamp stuff each week so we really need there to be some strong detecting. But… I’m pretty sure most of the detecting was either done by Googling or stumbling upon another private detective that gave them all the info they needed.

They actually go around and visit shamans so they can figure out if there are ones out there that lie. Haha. This was the strangest thing. Of course they lie. Most of these people are very talented con-artists. Hey, I’m not saying there couldn’t be a person lead by the spirits, but these people make a business out of fooling people. Why does our vamp team need to research this?

It takes them a LONG time to think about looking into the priest. This guy makes his living by going around telling the families of sick people that they don’t need a doctor’s care, but instead need a ritual done. A ritual that costs lots of money to perform. Could someone please find the Scooby Gang? They almost always find the person behind the fake ghost.

In a vampire show I want my vamps to be BADASS. Kicking around thugs every once in a while is not vamp power. It doesn’t show that you are superhuman. Heck, Gyeo Wool was more badass this episode when she kicked the glass out of a guy’s hand and opened a safe like a boss. (The sequence of pictures shows that Gyeo Wool is the real person in this team to be afraid of.)


I want scary VAMPIRES in a vamp show. This episode we get the bad guys hanging around on a couch talking about stuff. Sorry, I know that’s vague but that’s pretty much what our bad guys have done in this show. Okay, maybe they harvest blood from homeless people too. San’s old police partners get a brief scene at the end where they talk about suspicious things we aren’t supposed to know about yet. Oh, and the guy tells the girl that San is alive. Duh. How would she not know this? Unless they locked her away or something.

Drinking blood. Seriously, what does San eat or drink? It’s been ages since we’ve seen him take a hit from his inhaler. Every week we get to watch their cop liaison scarf down different food items but San doesn’t even get a juice box of blood. That’s the big conundrum for a vamp. Do I kill to survive or do I knock over a blood drive truck?
Okay, I’m done whining.


By the end of the episode the priest is exposed for being a murderer and a fraud. The mom is exposed for wearing the worst jacket known to man, and being the worst wife and mother for allowing the priest to whip and almost kill her daughter. And our team is exposed for not really doing much of anything except get home just in the nick if time.


Until the next case. (Sorry, if we had to wait for San’s next inhaler hit, we might never come back).
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