Lucky Romance Releases Final Teaser Before Wednesday’s Premiere

g2.pngLucky Romance airs on Wednesday and before we get to the crazy tiger hunting (leading lady is hunting a guy to sleep with that was born in the year of the tiger) let’s check out this last teaser featuring our upcoming romantic triangle. 


Just a few quick observations since I have pretty much said anything I have to say in past teaser posts…….

  1.  Visually the three leads look really good together
  2. Sadly this is going to be a Hwang Jung Eum screechfest which will put off some people.
  3. It is interesting that we finally have a leading lady that is literally begging to sleep with someone.  Now we just have to find out which guy she will pick (duh… it will be the totally awesome Ryu Joon Yeol of course.)
  4. We are going to have to suffer 2nd lead syndrome again.  How long before Lee Soo Hyuk gets his lucky break into leading man territory? But in the meantime, I will enjoy his always superbly acted side roles.

I am interested to see how everything pans out.  If nothing else this drama has a unique premise.



** Also thanks to RYU Supporters HK  for posting and subtitling.  It is appreciated.

0 thoughts on “Lucky Romance Releases Final Teaser Before Wednesday’s Premiere

  1. I honestly don’t understand why others turn down the drama just when they hear HJE scream. I’ve been watching almost all of her dramas since 2009 and her screams have never bothered me. Not even once.

    I don’t know if people are just not fond of the actress because in reality, once you start not liking something/someone, let’s be honest..You’ll always have a negative thing to say about it.

    All things aside, I hope this turns out to be another good drama so that I can watch this for Wed-Thurs and Another Oh Hae Young on Mon-Tues 🙂

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