Monster – The Revenge Goes On…. The Recaps???


I have discovered something when recapping this drama…… I just don’t want to recap a 50 episode drama.It isn’t that Monster is a bad show.  If anything I am really enjoying the slow revenge buildup.  But with 50 episodes that means that the pacing is very different from a 16 episode drama.  There is a lot of side story arcs, filler moments, and often nothing can happen for an episode or two.  This makes it hard to find unique things to talks about and it just isn’t for me.


The fact that I still have 4 months before the drama ends and I can choose a new project also has a factor.  There are just so many amazing dramas I did not have time to recap and it made me a little sad.  So I am throwing in the towel.  Of course will be continuing to watch and chat in my FB discussion group so if you are interested in continuing to get my thoughts and feelings about the drama, come join us there.  The more the merrier.

So til my next recapping project I bid you farewell.


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  1. I don’t blame you for throwing in the towel, it is a lot of material to cover. Maybe recap the whole series at the end of it?

  2. I know that feeling. I just completed a 50 episode recap and after episode 25, i was literally done, mentally because that was my travel.month, with no wifi and laptop it felt impossible and when i was caught up, i didnt want to recap. But, this was a personal mission and i forced myself to do it. say, you run out of engaging analysis.
    But, i did give in with my first 50 episode drama, maybe the next long recap, you can do it. Hehehe…i understand your.plight. at least, you got some recaps. So, that is still an accomplishment.

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