1st Trailer for 38 Police Squad: Pros and Cons


Every day we come closer and closer to D-day…. also known as June 18th.  The day that Seo In Guk comes back onto our TV screens to the swooning and fangirling of all the Heartriders out there.  And every day we get some new snippets of clips or stills to squeal over.  This time, we get a big one as the 1st trailer for 38 Police Squad is dropped and we get to see actual scenes from the show.  So in true fangirl fashion, let’s watch the trailer a hundred times and dissect it into pros and cons.1s2


  • Seo In Guk! Seo In Guk! Seo In Guk!…… Come on, you all knew that was going to be #1
  • Ma Dong Seok looks like he is going to be hilarious as Seo In Guk’s straight man.  Already they seem to have a very chemistry filled banter that will have us laughing.
  • Seo In Guk looks amazing in anything he wears.  Whether it is a casual jean jacket, a sexy suit he makes the look his own.


  • This drama definitely has a White Collar vibe.  This is a good thing since I love that TV show.
  • Seo In Guk’s smile…. this is a thing of beauty.



  • I am still getting a feel for Soo Young’s character and how she will interact with the two men.  I am not upset she is cast (in fact she is one of my favorite idol actresses) but I just need more of her to make a decision.
  • It was too short.  I already need another SIG fix.  How am I supposed to wait another 3 weeks?  Maybe I will go watch I Remember You while I suffer and wait.

That is all for this installment of my Seo In Guk blogging addiction.  Be sure to join me in the future as I bring everything Seo In Guk for you guys to fangirl over and that of course means recapping 38 Police Squad!

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0 thoughts on “1st Trailer for 38 Police Squad: Pros and Cons

  1. Aaaa…. another teaser that teases and teases. 3 weeks seems so far yet so near.

    Sexy cookie monster teases and smirks his way into every fangirls heart. This Heartrider is losing her sanity waiting for June.

    I’ll go ogle my cookie monster pics collection and drama reruns in order to stay sane.

    Btw, his voice at the end of the teaser. So damn sexy!

  2. I just made a high pitched keening noise. Some might think I’ve lost my mind and they might be right. Seo in Guk is coming right back on my screen. And ooooh, he’s looking too damn fine!!!!

  3. So i replay like crazy. N smile like a crazy lady all alone. Mds is gonna be damn funny…. N we gonna see so much action. N a new character tht inguk never done. Love the versatility. I cnt i cant i cant~~~ still hoping to find a live stream link ㅜ.ㅜ

  4. yeh…i almost feel his quirks…Its SIG it must be good + MDS a master of his skills; is truly explosive! oh… how can i handle this agony of waiting!…few days to go…yaaay!

  5. Yeh…i almost feel his squirks, its SIG it must be good + MDS a master of his skills is truly explosive!… oohh…how can i handle this agony of waiting…few days to go!…yaay.

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