Vampire Detective Episode 9 -A Nonsensical Recap

g5.pngWhat the fudge did I just watch?  I was frustrated with many of the choppy editing moments from last week.  But after a few rewinds, I was at least able to make sense of a sub-par plot.  But this episode is a whole other level of nonsense mystery.  Why did 90% of this mystery even happen?  It makes no sense whatsoever. So instead of having an actual six-point recap of episode 9, I am going to just ramble randomly about my confusion and frustration.  Because this was just dumb. kgf

We do get a vampire plot tease as we see Yo Na symbolically burn the photo of her crazy ex, while ex-friend turned vamp Tae Woo threatens San’s life, if mopey ex even thinks of contacting him.  We get the gist that Tae Woo and Yo Na are in a vamp power struggle and Mopey ex is somehow in the middle and unaware of San’s hybrid abilities.


While I am on the topic of vamp knowledge, I am appreciative that San and Gu Hyung at least acknowledge (indirectly) that they are aware of San’s altered state.  Sure we don’t get any actual discussion of the specifics but it is a slight plus that I don’t have to wonder if our two leads are idiots.  So yay?


Now that we have gotten the two highlights of the episode discussed (sob…yes those were the highlights) let’s discuss this week’s crap mystery.  In fact, it really wasn’t even that much of a mystery.  We take a look into the life of internet sensations and their ability to take their lifestyles and make money by sharing them online with the world.  Something that I personally think is a really cool hook if done properly.  Their client this week is the father of one of these personalities who hires the trio to hunt down the person who murdered his son.


I am going to take a quick moment here to do a bit of a rant.  The premise is that a rich patron of the website offered this kid a bunch of online currency (could be turned into real money) to eat 10 pizzas in 30 min.  The kid took the challenge and ended up dying because the human body is not meant to eat that kind of quantities.  Truly a sad situation but let’s not push all of the blame on the jerk who made the bet.


Is that person a horrible human being for exploiting others for amusement?  Of course, he is.  But the kid who decides to endanger his life to get the money is at least equally, if not more, culpable.  There is such a thing as common sense and just saying “no”.  I personally think that the guy who ate those pizzas was risking his own life for whatever reason.  Just like people who participate in dangerous extreme stunts, dying, as a result, I consider this to be a similar situation.  When it comes down to it, free will, and one’s own accountability, call the shots.


So in order to find out this mystery benefactor the detective team and the father go to a house party where other online personalities will be doing a marathon tribute to the dead youth.  They also will be competing for the money that is floating around from the mystery benefactor who they call The President.  Because nothing says mourning like competing for the unclaimed winnings of the deceased.


There was a ton of filler while we watched various personalities who ranged from those sharing talents, to others who pretty much would forgo any pride in order to get some fake star money.  All were at various ranges of annoying and fake.


The whole time The Vamp Team were trying to find the location of The President as he jumped to the various viewing rooms throwing out money.  They finally pinned down the location to inside the house.  Queue the lights going down and a scream filling the air.


One of the girls turns out with a cut and the claim that a man just went out the window.  With his super vamp senses, San tracks down the perp to a garage, where he finds a body in full flame (supposedly from some type of suicide attempt) and the dead kids dad tied to a chair.  Now here is where it gets super dumb.


Through his super senses, San confronts the dad with the knowledge that the body of “The President” had already been dead and in the Dad’s taxi trunk at the beginning of the party.  He deduces that the dad had already confronted The President and killed him, then makes this whole thing happen and stage the suicide.  There was a bunch of nonsense with one of the girls being involved with the setup but that was the least of the stupidity of this plot so I am going to ignore it in order to rant about the main murder.



So if the dad had already killed The President (with a knife) why even hire anyone to find out who he is?  Why not just get rid of the body since The President is a complete unknown and go about life with the knowledge that his son has been avenged?  Why go through the charade of giving out money to the other contestants and staging a suicide?


If it is a suicide (insert eye roll) how did the person tie himself in a burlap sack, tie himself up, hang himself, and then light himself on fire?  This is SO DUMB.



And how did the killer dad duct tape himself, put on a hood, and tie himself to a chair after flambeing the corpse?  This makes no sense!

For that matter, the fact that you hang the body and set him on fire doesn’t really scream suicide anyway.  An autopsy would have shown that the body was killed by repeated stabbing so it wasn’t to hide the murder.  This truly makes no sense and I can’t even take huge leaps of logic to connect the dots.  I officially declare this the weakest crime of the week kdrama plot ever written.


And just because the writer obviously wanted to dig the horrible plot knife a bit deeper, we get an ending where mopey ex calls San and says “Yoon San be careful” then hangs up.  So………… what is this exactly supposed to accomplish? Is it just so the writer can confirm that everyone now openly knows that everyone else is alive?  I thought that was the point of the CCTV from the parking lot a bunch of episodes ago.  Was it so we can end the episode with yet another dramatic (insert eye roll) phone call?  Because I have to say that the more of those that happen the less I care.  What would have been more useful is if Mopey Ex apologized for shooting San and leaving him for dead all those years ago.  But I guess we are just going to ignore that elephant in the room much like the writer is ignoring the basic steps of creating a basic plot.


My Thoughts:

Only 3 episodes to go and I only have to recap one of them.  WOOT!  There is a light at the end of the crappy vampire tunnel and on the other side is Seo In Guk.  I can do this……..maybe.

Til next time,


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  1. I’ve LONG since looked for any intelligent plot LOL Some of the ‘mysteries’ have been interesting, but I’m watching this EXACTLY the way I watch the 4 current US shows I’m watching (ie Grimm, Bones, Castle, Houdini & Doyle) – ie because I like the interaction of the main cast & the lead actor (well, in Grimm it’s the monster of the week but still….). Vampire Detective is basically a US supernatural crime drama w/Lee Joon. Contained weekly episodes, good looking, cute cast, some fun stuff each week ( I did really find the various internet celebrities quite entertaining in their own special ways…) & a series arc that I care NOTHING about….
    Lee Joon manages to make it worth MY watching LOL LOL LOL

  2. hahaha! i have been defending myself for liking this show (well, the trio, actually) but you are pretty much right on (and funny being so) 🙂
    there’s extremely wasted opportunities here…..the only thing left is that san forgives mopey ex for trying to kill him (for whatever reason) and they walk off into the nightscape together lol. i’ll be soooo annoyed. if he throws them all over for gyeo wool them i’m good.

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