Vampire Detective Episode 10 – Vampires, for realsies this time.

Vampires! We finally have vampires, doing things. What they’re actually doing is a little questionable since our episode mainly contains police officers infiltrating a pyramid scheme! Yup, you read that correctly. Our evil to the core undead people are luring unsuspecting people in and selling them… nothing.


I’m going to go with 6 things of importance instead of my favorite because I just can’t pretend anymore that I have favorites. LOL. If you’re still with me, and you’re loving this show, I’m sorry if I sound bitter. I’ve tried so hard to enjoy it but it’s kind of become painful to finish.

#1- Gyeo Wool was a total boss 5 years ago, too.

Apparently Goo Hyung used to work with their detective connection. You know, the guy who’s always stuffing his face. Gyeo Wool gets arrested, and I just love seeing her spit fire attitude.


This scene serves to show us that Goo Hyung was working on a case where a CEO of a distribution company had gone missing, and they think it’s all connected to a company called Challenger. Many undercover police officers have gone in, but none have come back out. So they decide they need fresh faces that no one in the community would suspect as cops. Now we understand why they decided to put three people who were straight out of the academy undercover when that’s not how it usually works. You know, normally they are traffic cops and have to get their sunbaes coffee for years before they’re allowed to go undercover in a super dangerous situation.

#2-We finally see how Goo Hyung and San met.

Our past trio (San, Tae Woo, and Yoo Jin) report for duty and they show up to a very familiar residence. It’s the house our present trio live in. Goo Hyung tells them what their mission will be, and asks if they have the courage to go through with it. San says yes almost immediately and you can tell this really bothers Tae Woo. I’m pretty sure Tae Woo has lived in San’s shadow since they entered the police academy.

#3 Vampires use pyramid schemes to lure people in? Really? That’s all you got.

Okay, I’m still not 100% sure what the vampires do with the people they lure into the pyramid scheme, but that’s our trios mission. They have to pretend to buy into a pyramid scheme so they can find out where the missing CEO is, and the missing cops too. Goo Hyung thinks that San and Yoo Jin being a couple will compromise the mission (Duh, that’s probably why they wouldn’t choose these three in the first place) so he says Tae Woo and Yoo Jin will go in first.


#4 Tae Woo was super creepy even before he was undead

I’ll skip over all the boring parts where Tae Woo has to listen to the pyramid scheme pitch, gives the people tons of cash in a duffle bag (that doesn’t look at all suspicious) to buy into a top level of the scheme, then brings Yoo Jin into it as well. When he fills out the paperwork for her, he writes that she’s his girlfriend into the relationship box. It almost blows their cover because they’re asked where they met and they give different answers. This causes Goo Hyung to include pretend dates as their training for undercover work. So now we have the real boyfriend (San) sitting at home while the pretend couple go get to know each other better. Um… it would just have been easier for the real couple to do it.


Anyway, all the things Tae Woo says and does on the date are just creepy. You can tell that Yoo Jin knows Tae Woo likes her, and she’s all sorts of uncomfortable. Another incident to prove his creepiness is after a work party, Yoo Jin is pass out drunk and Tae Woo is parked (god knows where) in the car. He just stares at her while she’s sleeping. And with the camera glasses on so that San can see him watching his girlfriend. He even takes the glasses off so he can look at her without San being a part of it. Yeah, creepy!!!

#5 Yo Na really likes to send people on errands for her.

After our undercover agents become star players for Challenger (our pyramid scheme company) Tae Woo loses track of Yoo Jin and goes looking around for.


Before entering a room the room he thinks Yoo Jin should be in, he takes off his glasses because he stupidly decides he’s doing this without backup.


He stumbles on blood iv bags, then wine bottles (which we’ve seen before).  Which explains why San and Goo Hyung didn’t know anything about the vampire aspect of the company. They never saw past the pyramid scheme headquarters.


Tae Woo gets knocked out and wakes up to Yo Na. She tells him that he has 2 hours to bring the missing CEO to her or Yoo Jin is dead.


I’m sure I probably nodded off during the part where our team discovered where this guy is, but Tae Woo does know where he is and goes to get him. He, of course, doesn’t take this opportunity to call Goo Hyung or San for help. When he finds the CEO he’s pretty much ready to die before he goes back to Challenger. See, Challenger isn’t really just a pyramid company (yeah, why they do that at all still escapes me). They find people who are on their death bed and then approach the family. For a hefty sum of money, they’ll “cure” the sick loved one. The cured people end up being turned into a vamp. A very thirsty vamp, of course. So now they need a blood dealer. And Challenger is more than happy to comply. Tae Woo tries to bring the CEO to Yo Na. But CEO guy isn’t having it, and kills himself.


#6 Tae Woo is a total wuss, but dang it, becoming a vamp will give him a spine.

He goes back to Yo Na with a deal. He’ll tell her where the CEO is, if she’ll make him a vamp. Yes, he means literally not metaphorically.


He tests her vampness by shooting at her, grazing her cheek. It heals over instantly proving what he suspected. Now, you the audience may be wondering why Tae Woo could possibly want to be a vamp. Well, because he knows that San is better at everything and he already has the girl. So the only logical way to beat San and get Yoo Jin is to get a little strength from drinking people’s blood. Yeah, logic has nothing to do with it. He begs Yo Na but she doesn’t comply. So… Tae Woo uses logic again and shoots himself in the head. Now the only way Yo Na will figure out where the (dead) CEO is hiding is to make Tae Woo one of the undead.


For me, the one thing this show had going for it was the characters. But this writer managed to take our lead and make him the most boring vampire ever. His ex-girlfriend is a limp noodle. His ex-best friend was a creepy tag along that never liked him. His first mission? Sit in a house and watch his girlfriend get macked on by someone else while they infiltrated the most dangerous pyramid scheme company known to man.

I’m crossing my fingers that even though the backstory was just as boring as the cases, we’ll get some kind of interesting finish.

There hasn’t been an inhaler in weeks, so don’t hold out for your next hit,

Drama Geek out!

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  1. writers have managed to focus on the people we are the least interested in, involved the most inexplicable, boring plot ever! hanging in there for my favorite fab trio. maybe gyeo wool gets to kick ass soon. sans a supervamp who can walk in the light, i’ll bet that creepy expal is jealous of that too.
    hey at least this ep contained gyeo wool drinking wine at breakfast again 🙂 *sigh*

    • I totally agree that they’ve focused and boring characters. I’m not sure Tae Woo knows that San is a vamp. Heck, I’m still not 100% sure he is one. He could be a guy whose eyes flash gold and occasionally needs a little extra iron because he’s anemic. 🙂

  2. Yes, This show simply isn’t what it could be. San’s beautiful lips can only take me so far. Case in point I watched ten minutes of Episode 10 and then came here to read your always amusing run down on what happened during the rest of the episode. : ) Thank you Drama Geek!

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