Wanted Releases Suspenseful 1st Teaser

g1.pngWanted is only 3 weeks from airing and can I just say that they achieved a superb comeback considering the cast has only been official for a couple of weeks.  The promotional stills and teaser are spot on in intensity and have officially caught my attention.  Guess I am going to have to write in another drama into my schedule.


One of Korea’s top actresses has her son kidnapped. She struggles to carry out a mission on a live reality show following the kidnapper’s demands.

I love the concept that the leading lady has to do all kinds of intense and odd things for live TV in some twisted game with the kidnapper.  It seems to combine the plots of Gods Gift: 14 Days and Liar Game in an all out mystery-suspense drama.   I also like the leads Ji Hyun Woo (Angry Mom) and Kim Ah Joong (Punch) so have no complaints when it comes to the cast.


Wanted will premiere on June 22nd.


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