Kmuse’s Musings: Current Dramas Pros and Cons


I am back to a full drama schedule which is awesome!  For a while there I was worried since I was down from 20 dramas to only 4.  A literal dramaland drought for this kaddict.  In celebration I thought it would be fun to go through all the shows I am watching and do a quick (spoiler free) pros and cons in case you all are trying to find a show to start.  So come join me as we chat some drama!


Pros and Cons are mostly general comments so you are safe to read if you have not started a show.

Another Miss Oh


PROS: This is by far my #1 favorite out of my shows.  I love the dysfunctional complications and beautiful cinematography.

CONS: This OTP is very ………unique.  I love watching them in all their messed up glory but I could see how that can annoy some viewers if this is not your kind of show.

Beautiful Gong Shim


PROS: Nam Gung Min is finally in a romantic comedy where I like him.  He and Min Ah have the cutest chemistry and I 100% ship them.  I also am very smitten with 2nd lead  Ohn Joo Wan who is a scene stealer with his glorious smile.

CONS: Seo Hyo Rim drives me crazy.  I tend to really dislike her characters.  Which is fine if she stays the traditional bitch 2nd lead, but I fear they are going to redeem her.  Not sure if I can get past my dislike to see her get a happy ever after.

Mirror of the Witch


PROS: This is one of the best directed Sagueks that I have seen in a while.  Everything just has a fantasy vibe to it.  Think Brothers Grimm meets Saguek kdrama and you are describing Mirror of the Witch.

CONS: Some people have said the pacing is to slow for them.  I personally love it so this could be a personal taste thing..  My one complaint is that we get a lot of detail and not knowing the historical background I got confused once or twice.



PROS: Ji Sung is gorgeous and the band boys are cute.

CONS: I am not really feeling the big bad company destroys the underdog story line.  Also, the OTP are just “meh” for my tastes.

Master: God of Noodles


PROS: Originally I was not planning on watching but then I started hearing buzz about how good the revenge set-up was.  I checked it out and 100% agree.  This show is dark and intricate in all the best ways.

CONS: Concerned they can’t keep up this level of intensity for the whole show.  Also, the drama’s title is very off-putting.  They are just lucky the dark revenge is so good I can ignore the cheesy name.

Dear My Friends


PROS: The screenwriter is the same that penned Its Okay Its Love which means a top notch slice of life story.  An amazing list of cameo actors.

CONS: It focuses on women who are in their fifties and sixties which might not appeal to everyone.

School Beauty’s Personal Bodyguard


PROS: The cast is pretty.

CONS: With three horny nosebleeds in the first episode, I have decided that this is not my type of show.  It takes cheesy fluff a bit far.  I suggest you skip this drama and try My Amazing Boyfriend or Bromance instead.

Lucky Romance


PROS: Ryo Joon Yeol is looking AMAZING!  Also the OTP have chemistry and I enjoy watching their initial character development.

CONS: It is only four episodes into its run which means we still have a lot of drama to get through.  I also could use a little less icky toilet water moments.  That scene made me gag.



PROS: I really like this show and at 20 episodes in, I am as engaged as I was the first week.

CONS: Its 50 episodes so there is a lot of time for it to fall off the rails.  I will keep you updated.

Neighborhood Lawyer Mr Jo


PROS: I really like the characters and their shenanigans outside of the courtroom.

CONS: They get into the courtroom and I lose all interest and get annoyed.  Their sover the top antics and disregard of chain of evidence makes this one of the least believable law dramas ever.



PROS: A great cast and the production is engaging during the first half of the drama.

CONS: The bad guy is so very boring I just want to change the channel anytime he comes on screen.  Sadly, he is a big part of the drama and the plot has dwindled into mediocrity.  This is a pass unless you are a die hard fan of the cast.

Vampire Detective


PROS: Lee Joon & the gang

CONS: Everything that is anyway related to the plot of this show.  It started out with promise, then shifted to an OK crime of the week, and ended up WTF I want the time I spent watching this back.  If you want good Lee Joon go check out Gap Dong.  Even that drama with its plot holes is better then this narrative mess.

That completes my list!  If you have any indepth questions be sure to search me out on Twitter or FaceBook and I will be happy to go more detail.  I tried to avoid spoilers as much as possible but am always excited to chat in other social forums.

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0 thoughts on “Kmuse’s Musings: Current Dramas Pros and Cons

  1. Among the RomComs, here’s my ranking
    1. Beautiful Gong Shim – best couple, and funny together. I don’t like Gong Shim’s family esp her parents, they don’t do anything. Her sister’s a b err, a witch but she’s always that.
    2. Another Oh Hae Young – there is no chemistry but they are both good and the story is good so job done. Oh Hae Young’s parents are awesome esp. The mom.
    Since Myung Wol, then Discovery of Love and now this, Eric’s leading ladies don’t hv any chemistry with him or can equal his mega presence. Crazy Noona is the scene stealer here,too.
    3. Lucky Romance – just coz the intro was a little iffy and nevermind that chemistry, they can work it. Hwang Jung Eum can do this kind of roles with eyes closed. And Ryu Joon Yeol is really somethin’, not the usual handsome in kdramas but more like your typical, average handsome korean you might find in your neighborhood convenience store. I would say he’s got the X factor. And I really wanted him to be the husband in Reply 1988, but of course, he’s got to be the greater guy.

    10. The Entertainer – sorry Ji Sung, really can’t stand to watch Hyeri anymore and the story is just boring. So maybe I’ll watch it on those days when I absolutely don’t hv anything to watch anymore.

    • I thought Eric had decent chemistry with Han Ye-seul in Myung-wol the Spy. Don’t think he had any issues with Jung Yumi either. I’m not sure about the mega presence… Eric is a decent actor, but not the kind where he overwhelms his co-star. Also, Shinhwa might be big in k-pop terms, but acting is a much more level playing field.

  2. I have no idea how you manage to keep up with so many shows, but bravo to you, Amber!! *wild applause* Thanks for this overview, it’s very helpful! I was planning to skip Beautiful Gong Shim, but have been hearing so many positive reactions that I might give it a go after all. 🙂

  3. Personally, I think Eric and Seo Hyun Jin have great chemistry, that is in part why I like this show. He just smolders, and she is so super needy, it works for me. Don’t die Eric, don’t die!

    I really am enjoying Beautiful Gong Shim. I am a fan of the much beleaguered Seo Hyo Rim, (she collects anti-fans), but it might be because the first show that I saw her in was Happiness In the Wind, a long and winding daily in which she starts out as a spoiled flirty pretty child, and then becomes beaten down by her rich mother-in-law, only to be redeemed when the rich mom goes broke and she supports him and his family.

    Mirror of the Witch I sort of like but it is a bit slow for me. It is a mixture of Gu Family Book and Arang and the Magistrate.

    Jackpot: I agree 100% with your review. Boring bad guy and the whole show revolves endlessly around him ad nauseam.

    Not on your list, is Five Children which I am also enjoying very much. Never a dull moment in this Family Rom Com. The cast is great and the chemistry works all around.

  4. I find Another Miss Oh super thoughtful, intelligent; a deep & modern romcom. Acting, cinematography & storytelling are superb. So many unique and interesting characters! The leads sizzle. At ep 10 I can safely say its my favorite kdrama in this genre for a very long time!
    Gong Shim is wonderful too, Minah’s really suprised me! She’s great…love her deep voice and highly individual take on the world. A super interesting character and she pulls it off amazingly. Of course i really love the guys as well! That sister makes my blood boil though, and not in an enjoyable way. She’s so manipulative and loathsome i may break a screen if she’s redeemed.
    NL i was loving but have put on hold at 16. It was going down a path that bugged me tbh.
    Jackpot i dropped, sadly. I just kept finding excuses to not watch. The women are really weakly written, but i can’t pinpoint why I dropped it.
    You will love 5 Children! One of my faves i really look forward to each week 🙂

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