Vampire Detective Episode 11 – She’s Not Worth It

g10.pngI never thought I would ever have to utter this phrase but…… Blood might not be the worst Vampire kdrama out there.  VD is quickly overtaking that unwanted thrown with its huge plot holes and unsympathetic characters.  Even leading man San is on my last nerves and the only thing keeping me from panning this drama completely is Lee Joon’s acting abilities.  Sadly, in order to act, you need some character development which Vampire Detective refuses to create so……….  Thankfully we are so close to the end I can taste the freedom so join me one last time while I discuss the stupidity that is Episode 11.


I think I would have preferred our Big Bad to have been Yo Na.  Instead, she gets ousted by our resident jealous whiny boy Tae Woo who becomes a vampire just to force a girl into being his girlfriend (for realisies this time.)  Weak…. so very weak.  And on top of that we have to listen to cheesy bad dialogue about how he has changed and there is no going back……..dun dun dumb.


Not to mention, when he declares that Mopey Girlfriend is now his, she lacks a certain amount of angst (and by that I mean she shows no angst at all.)  Let’s take a moment to observe her expression as Tae Woo drops all these bombshells.


I’m a word that starts with V… watch this cut heal, I am sure it will come to you.


I’m going to kill San.


You (Mopey) will become just like me and be my girlfriend forever! (The word vampire still isn’t used.  What is this show’s problem with saying the V word?)


Hahaha.  I swear I took a screencap after every big “reveal”.  These are NOT all the same photo but her literal reaction.

Then without more than a few seconds of thought Mopey asks Crazy Tae Woo to let her kill San since she can’t be with him if he does it.  SERIOUSLY?  You expect us to believe that she is skilled enough to shoot him in the chest without actually killing him?  That is just stupid.  So so so stupid.


Tae Woo, being the super villain he is, creates a plan to get rid of San.  He calls in a tip that the person the police are investigating is at such and such a place (not going back to check the name of the location since I am so close to kicking this show to the curb).  He also claims that Mopey GF has been captured.  Tae Woo is curious to which one San will choose.  If he chooses to do his job and go after the suspect he will die an honorable death.  If he comes after Mopey, then Mopey will kill him.  SIGH.  So stupid.


San, of course, chooses Mopey but Goo Hyung and the police squad go to the other location.   San ends up shot and Goo Hyung barely misses being blown up by a bomb.  One thing I am still curious about (I know right?  I still have some expectation of common sense from this drama.)  Why did Tae Woo blow up the car?  That is a random way to cover their tracks.  And if he did blow it up and “escape” before the explosion with Mopey…. wouldn’t he have noticed that San isn’t dead?  They were only 50 yards away and San was screaming and moving around.  Why can’t anything make cohesive sense?


At least we get to see how Goo Hyung and San become besties.  Through guilt, Goo Hyung nurses the destroyed San back to health after Mopey shot him.  We also get to see Mopey, post change, moping about having to be with Tae Woo now.  We also learn that Mopey didn’t mean for San to live, she just didn’t want Tae Woo to kill him.  SO DUMB! Is it too much to hope that she commits suicide at some point because I swear she does not deserve to be redeemed at all?  Least sympathetic romantic lead ever.


Jump to present time where San is wandering around the house looking devastated that Tae Woo and Mopey are alive.  He is literally imitating a vapid heroine as he wrings his hands and wonders how he will ever find out the truth since he doesn’t know where either of his ex-partners are.  It’s as if he has suddenly lost all ability to be a detective and he just mopes around worried and saying he needs the truth.


Luckily for San, (I swear he would have stayed in that house forever.  Proactive he is not) Yo Na needs the master list that San and Goo Hyung had stolen in episode 1.  Remember that?  I barely do… that was back when I had hopes and dreams for this show.  She agrees to give San Mopey’s location if he gives her the USB.  But due to leaving her out of the loop, Gyeo Wool gets upset and puts a virus and tracking chip on the USB.  Which really doesn’t produce any consequences since Tae Woo is distracted upon hearing that someone broke into his stronghold where Mopey was being contained.


Sure enough, San has found the girl, defeated her guards, and is hugging Mopey as if she had never killed him. WHAT THE FUDGE?  There is no inquires as to why she deserted him, faked her own death, chose Tae Woo.  Not even a glimmer of a question about why she freaking shot him.  No, there are only hugs, mopey looks, and San demanding that Mopey come with him so he can save her.  Which Mopey promptly declines.  It is only after she sees that San is like her (still no use of the Vamp word) that they run away before Tae Woo arrives.

On the drive to a safe place, which ends up being some random abandoned buildings, Mopey offers to answer San’s questions.  To which San replies, “I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.”  Hahaha.  OK with that sentence this drama is officially ranked under Blood as the worst Vampire Kdrama of all time.  There is no redemption San.  You two deserve each other and whatever consequences come your way.  There is just a point where a person has to claim Darwinism is at work and clean the stupid slate.


My Thoughts:

I tried to really pinpoint what bugged me so much about San and I think I have it figured out. The boy is just wishy washy and has no driving  motivation beyond reuniting with his Mopey girlfriend.  San doesn’t even bother to think how his actions might affect his two besties.  Personally, if it was between the girl that murdered me and the two people that have always been guarding my back, I would kick Mopey to the curb.  She chose her life and now she should have to live with the consequences.


There is also no logical reason why Mopey murdered San and then allowed Tae Woo to turn her into his creepy undead girlfriend.  She could have attempted to save San (and no, that does not mean killing him so Tae Woo doesn’t get the satisfaction) but didn’t.  Mopey could have also decided to kill herself and not become a vampire but instead chose to meekly follow Tae Woo into his world.  Or if she was turned unwillingly, she could have easily met the morning and died an honorable death.  Until recently Mopey wasn’t being held captive since we know she was out and about calling San and spying on Yo Na.  There is literally no excuse that I can use to justify her actions or lack of.


The writing is so poor at this point that I just wish they would all die and leave Goo Hyung and Gyeo Wool to live happily ever after solving crime vampire free.

Next week is officially the end!  Drama Geek and I are so excited that we decided to split the finale between the two of us.  And if that means that we only have to come up with half the words to explain this drivel of a script, then drama fate is simply gifting us for our dedication in finishing this show.

Til next week,


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  1. Hahaha. This is so hilarious. I swear, I don’t know how you guys do it. I certainly don’t have the patience for it. Dropped this show like a hot potato weeks ago and now I’m so pissed, I’m not even reading the scene by scene recap anymore. I just come over to see the summary of it all with your comedic timing and I’m good. I shall be glad that this Sunday is the last we will be seeing of VD, because come next Sunday, Seo In Guk will be helping us forget all about vampires. Can I get an Amen somebody….

  2. hahaha…..sooo funny and i want to thank you for continuing along with me on this one! this recap makes yesterdays viewing worth it. really, though, what the hell??? the writer must have acquired a taste for binge drinking. soooo much potential and it evolves into this nonsensical babble.
    i was stupified with the whole ‘im going to kill san so you cant’ bit….but, surprisingly, still somehow managed to be shocked when san rescued mopey and acted like she was his poor long lost love.
    my face during this episode must have resembled mopeys three caps up there (VERY funny, btw!! ^^)
    one positive thing, gyeol wool will remain one of my favorite female kdrama characters ever.
    on with SIG….i’ll be watching and reading along 🙂

  3. Ha! You wrote just about everything I’ve wanted to say about this show. The writing sucks more than the vampires. I don’t remember when I’ve last seen a leading couple as limp as these two. I’ve NO idea why I’m still watching…

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