2 Minute Trailer for 38 Police Squad


I was all set to settle down for the night after a busy day but decided to get online one last time.  Thank goodness I did or I would have totally been late in seeing the 2-minute trailer for upcoming OCN drama 38 Police Squad starring the always amazing Seo In Guk. g2.png

And that would have been a shame since I LOVE everything about this trailer.  From the quirky music to Ma Dong Seok‘s cranky overworked tax collector, to Seo In Guk being……well, Seo In Guk.  It is trailer gold and screams fun crime caper (definite Oceans 11 type vibe going on).


Be sure to check out the trailer and the drama which starts on June 17th.  Also, check back on the blog since I will be recapping this one!  I am excited to spend an entertaining three months swooning with all you fellow Heartriders.


0 thoughts on “2 Minute Trailer for 38 Police Squad

  1. Hi Amber,
    The date has been brght fwrd to June 17th 11:00pm kst.😊
    Updated frm OCN blog n twitter…cant wait ..9 more days to go..

  2. I got too excited i dunno how many type i replay. D-9!!! The editing looks nice.. N looks like its gonna be a veryyy interesting drama. The trailer before this at least gave. Idea on how bsi get to yjd in the first place. Yay yay yay. Heartriders unite!

  3. Firstly yippee @aesna. So it will be airing on Fridays and Saturdays. Perfect weekend treat. And just like you Amber, I love the music. I love the feel. And it not only gives me Ocean 11 vibes but I also get white collar vibes as well, which is awesome!!!!

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