Drama Banchan: Dramathoning Like A Fangirl #5

FotorCreated4The Fangirls gather together for yet another Drama Banchan.  Surprisingly, we are all agreeing right now which means there are some really good shows out in Dramaland.  Did your favorite make the cut?

Another Miss Oh

g2.pngDrama Geek: From the very first shot of this drama I was hooked. I had to pause to see who was directing because the look of the drama was so engaging. And I wasn’t surprised that it’s the same director as Marriage, Not Dating. The visuals are amazing, then when you add the attention to detail they’re paying to the sound effects you have a style I can’t seem to get enough of. The sound part only makes sense since that’s what our lead does for a living.

This show isn’t just pretty though. Well, the cast is super pretty, but the actors and story are top notch too. Seo Hyun Jin is the star of this show. Her character can make me want to pull my hair out when she throws a pity party, but SHJ owns that part of her character too. She has this strength that simmers underneath, and when you see her with her parents you can see where she gets it from. I think her parents are about the best drama parents I’ve seen outside of the Reply series. Kim Mi Kyung plays her mom and she has made me weep several times already. Then snort laugh where I almost choke myself. We can’t forget Do Kyung’s family. His sister is possibly my favorite side character of the show. Ye Ji Won just throws anything and everything out there. Watching the behind the scenes footage, you can tell the director sometimes doesn’t even know what to do with her.

I have faith this show will continue being engaging through to the end. Though I am a little worried about how many tissues I may need when it’s all said and done.


Clkytta: I absolutely agree.  My favorite character so far though is Soo Kyung. I love how she’s all business during the day, but so heartbreakingly human outside of work. I love the parents, and I think anything with Kim Mi Kyung is always a good watch.  I was hesitant about this one at first, but it’s become one of my favorites.  I want to take passive aggressive, vapid, attention seeker “pretty” OHY and smack her so hard her fakeness shakes off.  She is every popular mean girl I’ve ever known and I have no sympathy for her. She is one of those characters who never learns and never changes.


KMUSE: This is my current Kaddiction and I can’t stop watching my favorite scenes whenever I have a free moment.  I agree with you guys that “pretty” OHY is just horrible.  What a selfish character.  I especially like that the writer/director doesn’t use the usual crazy 2nd lead tropes to show how horrid she is.  Instead, they let her actions and all the little passive aggressive things add up and finally you just have to say “that witch is a crazy narcissist.”  They really do that with every character which is maybe why I am so emotionally invested when everyone is so dysfunctional.  This is one of the few times when I am totally OK with a drama extension.  I could happily watch these characters for an additional 16 hours.

Lucky Romance


Drama Geek: I have only seen the first episode. I do plan to catch up because I just can’t drop another of Lee Soo Hyuk’s dramas. For those that stay away from Hwang Jung Eum for the screeching, she doesn’t seem that bad in this drama.


KMUSE: I will admit I was expecting something more in your face funny.  HOWEVER, I actually like what we got instead.  The characters are well thought out and totally on point with their various characters.  Their mannerisms are subtle but very likable and I am very invested in Ryu Jun Yeol & Hwang Jung Eum getting past their trauma and extreme quirks to open their hearts to each other.  This is definitely a drama that surprised me in how solid the storytelling is and I would suggest everyone put their preconceived expectations aside and enjoy it for what it is.


Clkytta: Now I am not a Hwang Jung Eum fan, and I pretty much stated that I was not going to watch this drama.  I caved because I love our male leads, and I have been pleasantly surprised with how HJE has portrayed her character.  Her acting is amazingly on point and appropriate for this character and isn’t irritating me to death. Honestly, I’m still skeptical, but we will see if she can keep from screeching and making distracting over the top facial expressions.  The storyline is good, much, much better than I thought it would be and I’m loving Ryu Jun Yeol’s character.

Kdramajen: I love our male leads, and Hwang Jung Eum has actually grown on me.  The quirky premise made me think it would be full of silliness and hijinks, but this show is much different than I thought it would be. I love the chemistry and found myself cheering for the awkward Tiger CEO. This is a show full of heart.

Beautiful Gong Shim


Drama Geek: Oh Namgoong Min, I am so happy you finally found a non-psycho to play that I absolutely love. His character Ahn Dan Tae is the kookiest, oddball character I’ve seen in a while. He’s also the most lovable, adorable leading man around. This guy and the way he looks at Gong Shim melts my insides. And Gong Shim is just as much of oddball character. Other than a cameo in Master’s Sun that I don’t remember, I’ve never seen Minah in anything. She’s not the best actress (she’s not bad either), but she embodies Gong Shim and I’ve totally fallen in love. When you put these two together, it’s magic. Good thing, because the story isn’t why anyone is watching this thing. Birth secrets, poor girls who win everyone over with their sincerity, chaebols, meddling chaebol mommies, stern grandmas. Yeah, we’ve checked a box on each of these. The other bonus is the chaebol is On Joo Wan and his smile melts my heart too. Hopefully he doesn’t end up with Gong Shim’s annoying and possibly E-vil older sister.


Clkytta: I love this drama, love, love, love it!  Namgoong Min is owning this role, and I have had serious SLS with him the past few dramas I’ve seen him in, even when he’s the villain.  Gong Shim’s character is refreshing and fun to watch and her sister’s horrible scheming is a perfect foil to make the story interesting.  It’s also got every cliche in the book with lots of side stories, but that doesn’t drag it down.  I’m curious if they will redeem the sister or if karma will bite her hard.


KMUSE: Now this is 100% the traditional romantic comedy I was searching for and I am loving every second.  Min Ah is now on my short list of idol actresses that I adore and I look forward to seeing more of her dramas in the future.  Also the bromance is top notch and I love how close the two leading men become.. even if they do fall for the same girl.

Kdramajen:  I look forward to this one every weekend. I thought I would never be able to see Namgoong Min as a leading man after he played the psycho rich boy in Remember, but he is amazing in this role.  Loving Min Ah too!

Mirror of the Witch


KMUSE: This is the dark fairy tale sageuk that I didn’t know I was craving.  Yoon Shi Yoon and Kim Sae Ron’s chemistry is spot on and I don’t even remember that I was anxious about the age difference.  This is not really an epic love story but instead is a tale of evil vs cursed princess with a side of hot Yoon Shi Yoon.  Thoroughly enjoying it and appreciate that so far they have kept the narrative strong with the black magic.  I hate when the drama starts spooky then switches into your traditional political saguek.  So far this drama has avoided that pitfall.

Drama Geek: This drama is beautiful, engaging, and it keeps me interested even when the main characters aren’t on screen. Yoon Shi Yoon is doing a fantastic job. His comedic timing with this character is the part I love the most, though sometimes it does feel like he’s in his own drama. Mainly because he’s not really privy to all the black magic going on around him. I feel like the show has done a great job keeping the age gap in mind. It doesn’t hurt that Kim Sae Ron is a gifted actress who is pulling off a character much older than her actual age. And doing it with poise and grace that a lot of actresses much older than her still can’t accomplish. But if you’re looking for a sweeping love story that’s really focused on them, then this isn’t the drama for you. But if you want an evil shaman who’s black smokey thing can give you the willies like nobody’s business, come on board.  I think Yum Jung Ah was born to rule the world. Or at least her shaman character was. I love when the big bad makes me wish I kept a weapon under my bed. Though with her, it wouldn’t help much, because she’d just suck the life out of me while I slept anyway.


Clkytta: I was really excited for this one.  I agree that they have done a really good job with the age gap, while I know there is an age gap, I have been caught up in the drama and it’s not been something I’m creeped out by.  I love a good paranormal storyline and this one is keeping it interesting.  It’s kind of a mix between The Moon that Embraces the Sun and Master’s Sun to me. They had me at “human boundary,” can Yoon Shi Yoon be my human boundary?  I love a good fated coupling, so I’m excited to see what’s next to come.  Also, I love a good villain, and our evil Shaman is so delightfully bad, she’s what superstition is all about.

Baek Hee Has Returned

g8.pngKMUSE: Kim Sung Oh is totally my guilty pleasure actor.  I just love watching his expressive face and those gorgeous eyes.  Not to mention he is amazing at jumping into new characters and totally making them his own.  So I was thrilled to hear that he had a leading role.  Even if it was only a 4 episodes drama.  Sadly I also am not overly feeling the mom’s character.  Kind of annoying but there is hope she will get better.  The highlight of the drama is definitely Jin Ji Hee (Moon Embracing the Sun) who is kicking butt as Shin Ok Hee, the girl with 3 possible fathers.

It is really Ok Hee’s relationship with the men, who all had hook ups with her mom back in the day, that make this drama shine.  Think Mama Mia without the music and a lot of thug women and you pretty much have the gist of this show.  Can’t wait to watch episode 2.


Clkytta: Kmuse said she was watching this and it has our favorite mayor in it so I immediately went to find this show.  We have several drama tropes going on here, but I love it.  It’s a short drama, and I’m rooting for the daughter and the mayor (Kim Sung Oh will always be my Warm and Cozy hunky mayor, those eyes!), but I’m not sold on our leading lady yet. I love the daughter, I always like the misunderstood characters because I’m a sucker for the underdog.


So many good dramas right now and so little time to watch everything.  I hope this helped whittle down your list and be sure to let us know if you fall in love with any specific drama.  We might need to check it out.

Til next time,

The Fangirls


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