Murder, Cheating Husbands, and Strong Women are the Highlights in New Teaser for The Good Wife

g45We get a new teaser to the upcoming TvN drama The Good Wife full of murder, adultery, and intrigue.  They are obviously coming out with all guns blazing to try and make this the guilty pleasure of the summer.  But will they succeed?


SYNOPSIS: A husband works as a successful prosecutor and his future appears bright, but he gets arrested for corruption in a political scandal. His wife who worked as an attorney prior to their marriage, now resumes her career after a 13 year hiatus. She begins to find her true identity.


I can’t decide whether I am excited about this drama or not.  I am interested to see how they adapt it from US TV to Korea and if they will tweak the plot to make it more kdrama friendly.  But as a story on its own?


I appreciate that at least in the teaser they are not holding back on the more mature themes of adultery and separating from one’s husband.  But is this just the hook and they will shift into the traditional lawyer and unethical politic tropes?  Only time will tell.


The Good Wife is set to premiere on July 8th.


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