Vampire Detective Episode 12 (Finale) – Good Riddance

d14.jpgWell if nothing else you have to admit it stayed crappy to the end.  Which makes for a kind of boring recap.  So Drama Geek and I (we are teaming up to get this recap done as fast as possible……………we need our lives back) are going to recap/discuss the last episode in between memes that express how we are feeling right now.  Because really you should be able to be entertained, even if we weren’t. So come join us as we chat Vampire Detective episode 12.


KMUSE:  Can we take a moment and discuss how stupid San is for ignoring that Mopey shot him?  I think out of everything that has happened, that upsets me the most.  Well, maybe after finding out that she shot him on purpose and planned on him dying…..  But after that, this is my #1 WTF moment.  Now instead of confronting Mopey about her stupid action, San is busy getting Mopey a fake ID so she can disappear.  SIGH…. She needs to disappear somewhere alright.  Somewhere far far away…….DEAD.

DRAMA GEEK: This whole show could have been like 15% better if they’d made me like Mopey. At least the ending wouldn’t have made me want to strangle San. Seriously, her character, and the way he treated her made me hate his character. Notice I said 15% because the writing still sucked so I don’t think liking Mopey would have eased my pain that much.


KMUSE: I think she might have been the worst damsel in distress ever.  They tried to redeem her by making her noble by killing herself and Tae Woo.  That would have been noble 5 years earlier.  Now it is just stupid.  Definitely a case of too little to late.  I was 100% ready for Mopey to die.  Of course, I was ready for Mopey to die back in episode 1 so this is 11 episodes too long.


KMUSE:  And what is up with the stupid writer investing so much time between San and Mopey hugging and crying.  All while Goo Hyung is being tortured by Tae Woo.  I swear we just need stupid Mopey to die and get on with the story already.  The only thing that makes this the tiniest bit bearable is that San doesn’t know that Goo Hyung has been kidnapped and tortured.  If he chose that crap girlfriend over his bestie, I might lose it.


DRAMA GEEK: I think my FB message to KMUSE at the beginning of the episode read something like: Does San know that Goo Hyung is captured? Why is he still cuddling with Mopey? When is someone going to save the best character of the show!?!?


DRAMA GEEK: The fight scenes in this drama have been sub par. San very rarely looks like a vamp fighting humans. If you need an example of this done right go to any fight scene in Vampire Prosecutor and you’ll see what I’m talking about. 🙂 So when we get to the last episode and San’s fighting again I was hoping for something cool. Or at least Gyeo Wool might kick some ass. (Sadly the only thing she does in this episode is type on a computer and worry for about 45 minutes) Then they find San and Mopey at the hiding place and I was like wait… Are all the henchmen men and not vampires? Why doesn’t a vampire overlord have vampire minions? Am I really still expecting things to make sense? Okay, I get that vampires can’t go out during the day so it makes sense that some of them are men, but the only vampire San fights is Tae Woo. So he should be able to kick all of their butts and really fast. I mean, Yo Na does later on. She quickly has them all on the ground. (Not that we, the viewer, get to see this happen). Why on why is San the wimpiest vampire alive? Heck, even Sparkle Pants got to kick ass and look powerful doing it.



KMUSE: The only way I can explain away San’s wimp status is that maybe he just doesn’t drink enough blood.  Who knew that taking an occasional puff of the blood inhaler would not be enough to really make him healthy?  Everyone knows that even the most sensitive of vamps drink blood from blood bags.  Get with the times San.  Or at least fake being a bad-ass and not a whipped little puppy.


DRAMA GEEK: Oh Show, when the villain in the drama has a more touching love story, and subsequent end than your lead does, you have done it all wrong. Both Yo Na and Mopey die by sunlight. Yo Na’s love was beaten so bad he’s on the brink of death when she rescues him and she wants to save him by making him a vamp. But he tells her it’s time for him to go and all he ever wanted was to see her face as he was dying. Yo Na decides if he’s going to die she will too, and she stays by his side as the sun comes up.

Their romance was cute before she was turned. Super tragic after. And down right crazy once he started killing people for her. BUT I was way more invested in their relationship than San and Mopey. So when five minutes later Mopey kills herself while killing Tae Woo it did NOTHING for me. Well, okay. I may have had a moment of happiness that she was finally gone.

 KMUSE: I am right there with you.  I thought that Yo Na’s love/horror story was much more interesting than anything involving our main couple (I can’t even call them an OTP (one true pairing) since Mopey should not be anyone’s one chance at love.)  I almost wish that the whole drama had been about her struggle at being a vamp.  Or at least have Yo Na and San have some serious connection since they had some great chemistry.  Yo Na was definitely underutilized.  Of course, I could say that everyone (except Mopey and Tae Woo) was underutilized.


DRAMA GEEK: After Mopey dies San disappears. Yup, our hero ditches his friends and spends a full year moping. Or maybe he decides to embrace his dark side and finally utter the words vampire before drinking a raccoon’s blood. Who knows. We never see him again. Which means the writer is delusional in thinking there will be a season 2. Not going to happen.


KMUSE:  I would rather watch a Season 2 of Blood before suffering through more of this crap.  Although if they combined the two storylines into Vampire Prosecutor 3, I might be tempted back.  But a new writer has to be part of the deal.  I will NEVER EVER watch anything written by this person again.



DRAMA GEEK  I will forever love Goo Hyung and Gyeo Wool and will keep and eye out for Lee Se Young’s next drama. I already loved Lee Joon and Oh Jung Se and I can’t hold this show against them. I will forever ban the writer of this show from torturing me with another moment of his drivel.


KMUSE: I would never suggest this drama to anyone.  Even die hard Lee Joon fans should just avoid it like the plague and thank the kdrama gods that we suffered so they don’t have to.



To the bitter end, we are left confused and unsatisfied about all things Vampire San.  And after watching him mope his way through the last four episodes I can’t even say I care anymore.  I am just thankful that this drama is done and we can look forward to bigger and better things…. namely, the new Seo In Guk drama 38 Police Squad that I will be recapping starting next week!  I am going to have to stare at a ton of Sexy Seo In Guk to scrub this train-wreck out of my mind.


So til next time, this is Kmuse and Drama Geek signing off…. and hopefully never seeing another blood inhaler in our lives.




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  1. awww.. If I only I read this article yesterday..I would have saved 1200GB worth data.. I just downloaded all 12 episodes in 1080HD thinking it would be more or less like Vampire Prosecutor series 🙁 thanks for the review though.. at least I can save myself from 12 boring hours of my life..

  2. i seriously enjoyed reading your final recap more than watching this crap whole show 😂
    was so irritated with the plot and all the stupid characters i just want everyone to die

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