W-Two Worlds Explodes Onto our TV Screens with First Teasers

13322166_999235710130372_5304352947380147264_n.pngI am so excited!  While Seo In Guk is my #1 bias, Lee Jong Suk is holding solid in my #2 slot.  Which means that this is going to be the best summer ever as both actors have new dramas!  This time, it is Lee Jong Suk’s time to shine in the 1st teasers for upcoming dual-reality drama W-Two Worlds.13322166_999235710130372_5304352947380147264_nk5p.png

You heard right, we have not one, but two parallel worlds (hence the name) which are linked between our OTP (one true pairing).  Lee Jong Suk (Pinocchio) plays bad boy, Olympic gold medalist, trillionaire who is the “it” guy in the alternate universe.  He is also the lead in a comic book written by leading lady Han Hyo Joo’s (Dong Yi) missing father who exists in Seoul.  Something happens that opens a link between the two worlds and our leads meet and I assume, fall in love.  Crazy situations ensue.


I am excited not only for the actors but also the writer who has previously penned Nine and Queen Inhyun’s Man.  Both dramas that I loved in all their complex glory.  Which means there is a good chance that this crazy synopsis is going to make sense somehow.  Fingers and toes are crossed since I am planning to recap this drama.


W-Two Worlds is set to air July 20th and hopefully will add the action aspect to my drama summer schedule.


**If the video stops working please let me know so I can find another version.  Thanks

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  1. Now, this guy, I can believe in this role. Although I always cross my fingers that there are no injuries when it’s an action drama.

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