The Fangirls Day 1 – 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge


So this came across my twitter feed the other day and I initially was thinking that I would just do it every day on social media.  But then I thought, “why not turn this into a fun post for the blog?”  That way you can get to know myself and the fellow Fangirls here at Dramas With A Side of Kimchi a little better and have fun chatting dramas in the process.  So for the next 30 days, The Fangirls (and any readers that want to put their own picks in the comments) are going to delve into our kdrama past and provide answers to all those burning questions you might have about kdrama. CkbIfUqWUAABkQx.jpg

Here is the list provided by @popdramatic  Be sure to take a moment and check out her blog as a thank you for putting this list together and being willing to share it with other bloggers and Kenthusiasts.

So without further ado, let’s jump into our picks!

DAY 1: Drama plotline that made you (or nearly made you) rage quit?

KMUSE: This one is easy for me since everyone who reads the blog knows that I was rage watching Vampire Detective.  It is one of those shows that occasionally comes along and breaks all your previous records on your crappiest drama list.


A few others on that list that I also consider rage watched are Heart 2 Heart, Jekyll, Hyde, and I, & Endless Love.  I am sure I have others, but those are just off the top of my head.

CLKYTTA: Jekyll, Hyde, and I was the one that made me rage cry.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, Hyun Bin, and this drama was so horrible not even all the dimply Robin scenes could save it.  I also give an honorable mention to Yong Pal, so much potential, and it fizzled out like a coke left on the counter too long.  It still looked good on the surface, but left a horrible taste your mouth.


KdramaJen: Mirae’s Choice drove me insane.  I can barely remember the drama’s plot (maybe I blocked it out), but I remember actually shouting at my i-Pad.  If we are talking about a particular plot line, though, I must say nothing makes me hit rage-cry mode more than a perfectly good story suddenly halted with a random case of amnesia.


Jennie: Most recently, Valid Love. I hate watched most of it knowing Lee Soo Hyuk was going to be pushed aside, then I quit the last four episodes because of it. The first drama I ever dropped was Who Are You. Not School 2015, the crappy one where I liked the ghost more than the lead guy and I couldn’t stand the actress. Yeah, still bitter about that.


Drama Geek: I have dumped a lot of dramas lately, but more from boredom than rage. I wanted to rage quit Vampire Detective, but didn’t. I think the last one I did this on was either Scholar Who Walks the Night or Warm and Cozy. Both had amazing casts and both wasted their talent. And what added to my rage with Warm and Cozy was that I know the writers have the potential to make amazing dramas.


Wow.  So many hours combined in all the dramas we rage watched.  Was your top hated show up here?  Be sure to let us know in the comments which ones we missed and also check back every day for the next month as we gather together and hit each question on the list.  I am excited to share so many of my past drama feelz since we rarely get to go back and discuss older shows.


See you tomorrow,

The Fangirls



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  1. Most dramas I’ve dropped out of boredom. Two that I remember dropping even though I was almost done cause I got so mad at the storyline were Endless Love and Trot Lovers.

  2. Most, i dropped due to plot lines i couldn’t get into, but the one drama that made me wanna hurt smone in real-life becAuse i couldn’t physically hurt the characters was family drama ” The Wang’s family”. Omg. Every character was so annoying, even the good guys were childish and unbearable. After sticking it out for 30 episodes out of 50+, i had it quits

  3. Mmm..I started and dropped: Marry him if you dare.. Bel Ami.. it got way too pointless and Yong Pal’s ending was a huge dissapointment for me.. It started really good but the ending was way Oh No!

  4. Mine was Big (빅) written by the Hong sisters and starting Gong Yoo. The show started off great. Had a ton of funny moments and great pacing until about the halfway mark then it took a nose dive and left me wanting to RAGEQUIT every freakin episode. I stuck it out ’til the end because of Gong Yoo. To be honest the acting wasn’t bad it was pretty good it’s just the plot entered into “what the hell were they thinking?!? land and could not climb out to save the show and I totally blame the Hong Sisters for this.

    • I suffered through Big as well. Though I had tons of excuses because of my loyalty and admiration for Hong sisters (the long arm of KBS, both main and second lead actresses’ acting and their agencies, the initial idea behind the final script I was actually watching – the same thing happened to me in WaC -, the audience frustration for not really getting the finale and many, many more), nothing was able to ease my disappointment and frustration.
      I didn’t give up till the painful ending but that’s all because of my feelings for Gong Yoo (my VR fiancé 😉 )

  5. Coffee Prince. I hated the fact that she couldn’t tell him that she is a girl. I hate dragged out angst. This is also the reason I try to stay away from gender bender dramas.

    Shut Up Flower Boy, I wanted to love. But the angst there by the last few episodes were a little too much. I don’t understand why they cannot talk to each other about their problems.

    Vampire Detective, I basically dropped by Episode 4. The cases were not riveting enough for me to stay on board.

  6. I dropped Young Pal. My love Joo Won couldn’t keep me going. I also dropped Marry him if you dare. I knew when I kept falling asleep that it was worse than a rage drama it was a snore drama. And My Lovely Girl not even Rain & the dog could keep me watching that one.

  7. I probably should have put Valid Love down as a rage quit even though it starred two of the most beautiful and talented Korean actors out there – but I’d term it a bored quit. Once, yet another person got early onset dementia, I was out of there. Someday, I may go back but not anytime soon.

    A true rage watch-then-quit for me was Samee, a Thai lakorn. When someone’s family (i.e. stepfather) thinks a girl needs a smackdown ’cause she’s too proud to accept him and that wouldn’t look good, he sets her up for a romantic and professional failure. Which is a shame because the main couple looks really good together (basically why I stuck it out) but I just couldn’t stomach the plot. Some days, I just want to ask these heroines – don’t you know how to burn that house down?

  8. The main drama I quit in a huff & a fury was Goddess of Fire. Normally, if I’m within 2 episodes of the end, especially a sageuk w/more than 20 episodes, I will finish it no matter how much I’m upset w/how it’s going. Or sometimes I get sideswiped w/a horrid ending (Shine or Go Crazy, looking at YOU).
    But this one? OH, nononononono. The stupid writers changed history (such as we know of it) AND the novel, by killing off Kim Bum. I fortunately got WARNED ahead of time and STOPPED. Like on a dime. I watched the final 15 minutes cause it had nothing to do with that stupidity…and it was sad (oh, and ACCURATE) about the prince.
    I agree about Yong Pal – I did watch it till the bitter end. It was great for the first 12 episodes, lost ALL that momentum and had me screaming, and then picked up a tiny bit for the last 2 episodes. I totally only watched it for Joo Won 🙁
    Coffee Prince has the absolutely best treatment of the gender bender theme outside Shakespeare (if we are talking rom com…). Can’t think why anyone would hate it – but then each to his own…

    • I TOTALLY agree with you!
      “Online soulmates” perhaps? LOOOOOLLL!
      PS I find Kim Bum not as talented as other actors of his generation but he recently did a great job in Hidden Identity with a role less demanding. Haven’t watched Mrs. Cop 2 yet.

  9. I rage quit Cheese in the Trap. Ugh. When I saw the direction the writers were going with the couples, I was over it. And it was such a great drama up to the last 5 episodes.

  10. Oh man I’ve been wanting to watch Hyde Jekyll Me for a while now because the plot looks interesting and the cast is good. I love Han Ji Min. But now I’m having second thoughts about it x.x

  11. I rage watched Vampire Detective and rage quit Wang Family and Monster (2016 one). I’m especially bitter about Monster given how great the writer’s previous dramas were. For real, some one find out who has brainwashed him into this person, because I’d like a return to previous form.

  12. Cheese in the Trap for me too. I rage quit that one. I loved Kim Go Eun but the storyline just wasn’t going anywhere and I stopped in Ep. 13.

    I also rage quit In Time With You, with Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Gook. I loved the Taiwanese version and was super excited for the remake since I ADORE Ha Ji Won and Lee Jin Wook looks so much like Bolin Chen. But, the story was just so frustrating. Ha Ji Won’s character didn’t have that spunk or fire. And there was too much PPL.

  13. Hotel King made me rage at the old guy. What a monster. I watched it all but had to pause and stomp away yelling at him until I could cool off. One I could not finish was Jang Ok Jung. After rooting for her I couldn’t bear to see what how she changed – kept pushing and screwing up.

    • I absolutely hated Fashion King…at first.
      When I was able to think rationally, however, and after reading some things on several blogs I realized I had watched my first “noir” k-drama.
      It was a torture though and it took me some time before trying again this particular genre.

  14. I’m feeling as if I’m part of a community named “Kdramas Tortured Anonymous”…well, without exactly the anonymous part, of course, lol.
    So, let’s see:
    1) Since ’12, I only dropped one drama and that was My Fair Lady. I’m sure I could have finished that one – by today’s standards – but I never did.
    2) I stay as far as possible away from 50-episode week end dramas and long soap operas; too many odd Korean customs such as hair pulling, arranged marriages, meaningless birth secrets, paranoiac family members, plots suitable for middle classe Korean households that I share practically nothing in common.
    Whoever tries those, must be warned (btw, Wang Family was terrible). That’s why I fondly remember the very few shows of this genre that had my full attention ( and I’m not talking about Giant here). Yoona’s Street, Life is Beautiful, Wonderful Days, Glorious Days, My Husband’s Family, Family’s Honor.
    I’m currently watching Yeah, That’s How It Is.
    3) Worst dramas EVER?
    One Fine Day — simply despicable!
    Lie To Me — the OTP (almost) saved the day. “Almost” is the key word here.
    Spring Days — maybe not “the worse ever”, but the silly adaptation ruined for me the brilliant first season of the original Jdorama Heaven’s Coins. The acting too was lazy by all three leading actors.
    Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek — what a waste of Jin Goo’s undeniable talent. I knew his movies and that drama practically sent me to dramland’s “hell”. I thought his TV career was over before it even began. So, so, so happy I was wrong 😉
    Fashion King — need I say more? Two talented young actors were almost ruined. It has happened before and for less than a “fur coat”, right?
    I’m sure I have more but these are all I remember right now ( and yes, with horror!).
    The live-shooting, the endless revised scripts, the ratings and whatnot used to be the dramaland’s worst enemies. Lately, things have gotten a lot better; tvN raised the bar too high and even the 3-Big gave us projects, that despite low ratings had above-average quality in all aspects.
    That’s why I still believe that older dramas were far worse than recent ones (I think Yong Pal or “Robby’s” story or Goodbye, Mr. Black or Mi-rae’s Choice are topics for another post).
    PS So sorry for the tiring comment, guys! WOW… I guess I have issues, haven’t I? LOL…

  15. I`ve dropped around 20 dramas already (out of 104). They are like Warm and Cozy, Yong Pal. Also, the plot of Doctor Stranger was a big disappointment after a promising beginning. I left it in the middle, could not stand the story line. I am still wondering how I could watch Heirs until the end. I hated it in many ways. I didn`t watch Hyde, Jekyll, Me; Big and others mentioned, because of bad reviews. And yes, I have dropped in the middle Reply 1994, because I did not like the idea that she ended up with “Trash”.Thank God for spoilers I saved myself from a heartache for Chil Bong. Enjoyed the drama until then. 🙂

  16. Heyyy! I’m glad you took on the challenge 🙂

    Definitely agree both on Warm and Cozy and Mi Rae’s Choice. Those two were really crappy dramas. I do wonder about Vampire Detective, it looked good on promos, but after it finished airing, all I hear how is everyone despised it. Now I’m curious about what happened with that one 😉

    • Vampire Detective is soooo badly written that it’s almost worth watching for the OMG factor…. As in, the only real mention of vampires is the title, for instance. The inhaler as blood infuser. That limp noodle of a female love interest.
      Lee Joon tried. I give the poor boy creds. I also liked our female nasty vamp – SHE was very interesting. The other half of the detective team is fun when the writers let him alone.
      But OMG. Just, a train wreck.

  17. First of all, I loved “Jeju Island Gatsby” (a.k.a. “Warm and Cozy.”) and “The Scholar Who Walks the Night.” The dramas I wanted to quit were “Marry Him If You Dare”, and “I Miss You” I did finish “I Miss You,” but it was emotionally draining. It was probably one of the poorest decisions in my Kdrama watching experience. I remember it being so long. Digressing, it is nice to see an active Kdrama blog. Thank you.

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