The Fangirls Day 2 – 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge

FotorCreated2.jpgThere are always those actors that just make you go “ugh” whenever they get cast.  However, there are occasions when casting/director fate, acting coaches, or just luck, intercede and they suddenly become better.  Here are those actors who changed our minds.

DAY 2 – Actor(s) that proved you wrong in their acting abilities


Jennie: This one is tough. I usually like who I like. I will say that I had never heard of Ji Chang Wook before Healer, and now I think he’s the best ever. So I guess there’s that.


Drama Geek: This would have to be L. (Kim Myung Soo). I thought his acting was passable in Shut Up Flower Boy Band and Cunning Single Lady but was still very stilted and cardboard. Little did I know that when I watched My Lovely Girl I’d actually fast forward Rain’s scenes to watch L. He still has a long way to go with his acting, but I feel like he proved he has potential to continue to grow.


Kmuse: Nam Gung Min is that actor for me.  Two years ago if you had told me I would actually love one of his dramas, I would have thought you were crazy.  I went from apathetic to total loathing his various characters up until 2015 when he accepted the bad guy role in Girl Who Sees Smells.  He followed that with an even better performance of psycho chaebol in Remember: War of the Sons and now in Beautiful Gong Shim, I have forgotten why I didn’t like him.  I guess I just needed him to wipe the smirky 2nd lead actor slate clean with some evil roles.


Which actor has really improved over time?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments and be sure to check out all of our 30 Days of Asian Drama Challenge posts for more great questions and answers.

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  1. Not sure if it’s supposed to be only korean, but the only actor I can think of right now is Kento Yamazaki. He’s gotten much better at portraying subtle emotions as he gets older.

  2. Choi Si won!! I never connected with his characters because he tends to overact/pose with the camera as opposed to being natural. But, his.last few dramas have been good as he works with the camera as well as emote his scenes well. Though, he still.overacts

  3. Choi Siwon for sure in She was Pretty. Yes, on Ji Chang Wook, Healer. I watched it twice now. Kim Hyun Joong in Inspiring Generation surprised me after Mischievous Kiss (Baek Seung Jo was somewhat flat, genius-type character). Just my opinion. As Shin Jung Tae in IG – awesome action scenes (especially the first episode). I was blown away, and the grief scenes later felt genuine.

  4. Yoon Sang-Hyun in I Hear Your Voice. He annoyed me so much in Secret Garden (okay it was his role Oska), but still I could barely stand to see his face in that drama, and I loved that drama so much. I honestly thought I would never get over my Oska-hate. And when I saw he played in I Hear Your Voice I was having the “oh no” feeling upfront. But luckily my Oska-hate didn’t expand on YSH. On the contrary, I like YSH now. Altough his role in IHYV is as awkward as in SG, this time I totally appreciate his acting skills. Don’t know exactly why though :)

  5. LMH in Faith..I guess it’s one of his best dramas so far. .Siwon in She was pretty and from what I hear Park Shin Hye has improved a lot in Doctors..

  6. Although I’m sure there are better actors out there, I think Lee Hong-gi has really gotten better over the years. I think when he’s allowed to focus on his acting – instead of rushing him from music performance to drama set – he does very well. Maybe it’s due to his background as a child actor?

  7. …that picture of L with Ha Ji Won…that was the best scene in that drama…tho he’s just a cameo and didn’t go further for more episodes, that scene made me love L…

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