The Fangirls Day 3 – 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge

FotorCreated3.jpg Today’s question is all about the ladies.  We discuss which Actresses have improved the most in our opinions.

DAY 3: Actress(es) who proved you wrong about their acting abilities.

CLKYTTA: Hyeri, I saw a little of her acting in Jekyll, Hyde, and I, and I was pretty meh about it.  When I saw her in Reply 1988, I had to do a double take because suddenly I loved her and no one else could have played that role quite like she did.  Her chemistry with all the guys was fantastic.


Jennie: I never thought I’d watch a Hwang Jung Eum drama ever, ever again. I blame Lee Soo Hyuk for making me start it (I’m starting to see a bias pattern here, hummm…) I don’t think it’s acting, though.  I think it’s good directing and good editing, haha.


Drama Geek: For me it was Shin Se Kyung in Blade Man. I have to admit that I didn’t know her very well on screen, but I’d heard SO much about her from nasty viewer comments. Everyone hated her, and threw a fit when she was cast. I watched some clips of her and saw where the audience was coming from, so when I started BM I had very low expectations. She made me fall completely in love with her character. Then she followed that performance up with Girl Who Sees Smells and Six Flying Dragons and proved it wasn’t a fluke or just the director.

 Kmuse: Shin Se Kyung is also my pick.  I had pretty much written her off after Fashion King and When a Mans in Love.  Thankfully in the last year, she has been really successful in producing some great dramas. There was gossip that Se Kyung worked really hard with some acting coaches in order to improve and it shows.


Which is your choice for most improved actresses?  As usually, let us know in the comments and be sure to check back tomorrow for another challenge post.

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  1. I’d say IU. I have never watched her in anything and I thought she’s not on par with other actors in Producers, but she proved me wrong. She was good!

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