The Fangirls Day 4 – 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge


Music can make or break a drama and sometimes those songs get a stuck in our heads.  So let’s revisit our favorite OSTs and sing along with The Fangirls favorite songs.

DAY 4 – Corny drama soundtracks that you secretly love to listen to.

KdramaJen: I listen to a ton of OSTs and I often sing along.  The one that results in the most sideways looks is the City Hunter OST.  As I belt out, “Hello, hello, my shiny boy” I get a few strange glances.  There are a couple of songs on this OST that might be considered a bit corny, but I don’t care.  Singing about shiny boys makes me happy.


CLKYTTA: I have the You’re Beautiful soundtrack, it’s basically everyone in ANjell’s version of the same song over and over, but I love it.


Jennie: I’m not huge on OSTs since Kpop is more my thing, but I listen to Reset from School 2015 all the time. That song rocks!


Drama Geek: I don’t listen to OSTs that much, but I love Shut Up Flower Boy Band because you don’t really hear that type of music out of Korea that much. Another one that might be pretty corny to some is Signal. That drama bounced back between the past and the present and I LOVE the songs they picked. Plus, it can have me crying in two seconds.


Kmuse: I am a huge fan of a great OST.  Some of the cheesier ones I have loved are “Stand Up” from To The Beautiful You (still on my playlist years later) and the whole OST for King of High School.  Sure the drama has the sexiest actor ever to grace my TV screen (#SeoInGuk4Ever) but the OST is amazing in its own right.


It was so hard to just choose one or two songs for this question.  Which OSTs float your boat?

See you tomorrow,

The Fangirls

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  1. A Pink- OST to “Protect the Boss” with Ji Sung and Choi Kang hee. I forget the title. THAT’S the only OST i can tolerate. Others have to be “corny proof” there for me to download. Hehe

  2. I tend to buy individual tracks from OSTs but I have the whole Monstar OST (Waltz of Longing is on every relaxing/napping/studying playlist I have) and the Shut Up Flower Boy Band OST as well. Individual songs that I recommend to others – NELL’s Run from the 2 Weeks soundtrack and Zitten’s The Whale from the The Sun Is Filled OST. Dropping into Mando-pop – I buy everything I can get my hands on by William Wei – he did “Think of you First” from Refresh Man, “Girl” from Baby Daddy and “Still” – the main theme from In Time With You. He is really, really talented and my complete lack of Mandarin does nothing to stand in the way of enjoying his music.

  3. Haha, shiny boys. I’ll have to look that up.

    Of course Reply 1988, although it’s mostly just remakes of songs I love. And Monstar and I Remember You, my favorite dramas — both the songs and the background music.

  4. Lucky Romance OST, top picks Sad fate, Tell Me and Lean on Me.
    Walk to the Sky – Kim Feel (Neighborhood Lawyer) great vocals!

    What I hv on my usb aside from kpop songs and all of Seo In Guk’s greatest hits–
    Butterfly by Ciel ( King of High School) went crazy looking for this one coz they took their sweet time before they released the song title and artist.
    Liar by Oska or Yoon Sang Hyun (Secret Garden)
    Mocha by Casket (Coffee Prince)
    Falling – Lee Sng Eun (My Princess)
    Hawaiian Couple – Humming Urban Stereo (give a listen to this)
    Trap by Swings feat. Yoon SUng Eun
    Lost in love – Neon Bunny (Secret Hotel)

    The best thing was discovering the music of Humming Urban Stereo

  5. Shut up Flower Boy Band for me, too! Loved both that drama and the OST. Occasionally, I put on the OST for ‘Queen Seon-deok’ – ‘Balbam, balbam’ always gets me right there.

  6. Signal has an AWESOME soundtrack! Classic – NOT corny!!!!! Now, the main Healer song (Eternal Love) – I do know many hate it. But. Not ME LOL I love it! I also love My Shiny Boy from City Hunter :d

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