A Trio of New Drama Teasers

FotorCreatedb.jpgI leave for 3 days for vacation and everyone and their ghost is throwing out teasers.  So here is what you might have missed while I was living it up on the beach!  Which is your favorite of the upcoming drama teasers and are you going to be watching?

Uncontrollably Fond (July 6th)

Bring it on Ghost (July 11th)

W-Two Worlds (July 20th)

0 thoughts on “A Trio of New Drama Teasers

  1. I’m actually looking forward to Bring It On Ghost & W just because of their plots and the cast. Han Hyo Joo omg I can’t wait to see her again! Not too sure about Uncontrollably Fond…I think it’s hyped about coz of the cast but the storyline isn’t exactly that appealing 🙁

  2. Not looking forward to watch U.Fond..the storyline its just so ordinary love story..well might be watching it or might not..

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