The Fangirls Day 5 – 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge


Guilty pleasure dramas are the bread and butter of kdramaland.  The Fangirls chat about which dramas are their biggest guilty pleasures and why they still stand up against the test of time.

DAY 5: Guilty pleasure drama that you love to watch, even though you know it’s flawed.

KdramaJen:  Yeah.  This one is easy for me.  It’s Boys Over Flowers.  I feel guilty watching such blatant bullying and over-the-top scenarios, but even with all its flaws, BOF is a classic.

A guilty pleasure genre for me, though, is idol dramas.  They are almost always full of wooden acting (although some idol/actors blow me away occasionally), but I just love them.


CLKYTTA: I have to agree on the idol dramas, I love them too!  Monstar is my guilty pleasure drama, I loved it even though the acting wasn’t the best, let’s be honest, Junhyung isn’t going to win any Oscars but his facial expressions are awesome.  I love a drama where the side characters have their own stories and everyone joins together for a good cause, and this was one of my earliest dramas to watch so I’ll always love it.


Jennie: I have so many. Maybe I like things I shouldn’t because I hear people complaining about certain characters that I love. Dream High Two is the first that comes to mind. I fell hard for Jin Woon in that drama. He became my first ever bias. Next is Flower Boy Ramen Shop. I was 100% Cha Chi Soo from the start. I still love Surplus Princess, even if the ending sucked and she was with the wrong guy. I could go on, but I’ll leave it there.


Drama Geek: Probably the Hong sisters dramas for me. You’re Beautiful, The Greatest Love, My Girl, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho & Master’s Sun. They are all flawed (some more than others) but they are my go to happy place. I don’t really re-watch dramas that often, but if I do, I find myself turning one of these on.


Kmuse: Heartless City (Cruel City) is my #1 guilty pleasure.  There are so many ginormous plot holes (way to many undercover detectives for one) and yet I always go back for more.  I guess this is one of the few times I turn my brain off and just enjoy a khottie stabbing people with a knife with little purpose13458675_317454898587450_5525508700920453351_oa.

Share you guilty pleasure dramas!  You know you want to.  Also check back tomorrow for Day 6 of our 30 day challenge.

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  1. BOF will always be my guilty pleasure. All that bullying and elitist ideals promoted in BOF are so disturbing but I rewatch that show time and again…just because the F4 guys are sooo cute lol

  2. Kim sam soon, City Hall (KIM SUN AH cannot do no wrong), Lawyers of The Great Republic Korea, and Pasta…I HAVE lots more, but i cannot be greedy. Hehe

  3. Hmm, it’s hard to decide on just one, but for KDrama- Boys Over Flowers. However, my all time guilty pleasure is a TW Drama- Summer’s Desire. It’s a trainwreck with bad acting, but that’s why I like it.

  4. YES! MONSTAR! Thank you for validating my obsession with that drama, Clkytta.

    But if you’re talking about bad/cheesy dramas, Jang Bori is probably the worst one that I loved. Oh, wait, maybe 100 Years Inheritance was worse than that.

    • I have most of the Monstar OST on my playlist too. It’s my feel good, feel bad, need a break drama. I’ll marathon it like I’ve never seen it before and then go back and sigh and remember my high school choir days were nothing like that.

  5. “Faith”…I refuse to say how many times I watched it. Haven’t even watched BOF or City Hunter because I didn’t want to lose the aura of LMH as Choi Young. Of course, the wonderful Woodalchi also. “When A Man Loves”…just to get more Kim Sung Oh eyes…Lastly, “Scholar Who Walks the Night”..actually, the 6-year old watches ep. 17 repeatedly for “Scholar’s blue eyes.” I have too many current dramas to go back and watch old ones, although I plan to at some point.

    • Faith was my first KDrama so I refuse to consider it a “guilty” pleasure, despite the repetitive political maneuvering and somewhat cheesy fantasy elements. Also, Ryu Deok Hwan!

  6. The most recent guilty pleasure I can think of is Bromance. No one could call that a good drama, but I waited impatiently for subs every week. I even joined in on the Soompi thread which I rarely do.

  7. Not that it is relevant, but Playful Kiss was my entry intro to Kdramas. Also, it was my beginning obsession with Kim Hyun-joong. Which, it turns out that one of my good friends knows him and his friends. Also, Kim Soo-hyun is friends with my friend’s family. Small world, right? I love Boys Over Flowers. An Amazing Blog you all have here 😛

  8. First off.. I just stumbled upon your amazing blog.. well written and a pleasure to read
    My maiden drama was Master’s Sun and have been steadfast in my devotion to My So Man.. I am yet to see another couple duplicate the chemistry between So and Goh..

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