The Fangirls Day 7 – 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge


We go from one extreme to the other as we check on our up and coming actors on the younger side of the spectrum.  Which one will be the next Yoo Seung Ho or Kim Sae-Ron?  Only time will tell.

DAY 7 – Your favorite child actors/actresses.

CLKYTTA: Shin Rin Ah owned her role as Cha Eun Sung in Marriage Contract.  She played the bratty parts so well, but she was fantastic when she played the vulnerable little girl who is worried about her mom.  Her character hit home with the mother in me, I wanted to spank her and then hug her.


Jennie: Does Jung Yoo Guen count? Because he was so adorable with his SHINee Hyungs on Hello Baby. My favorite ever.


Drama Geek: For the boy it would have to be Hong Eun Taek. He played little Min in I Remember You. He was also in Let’s Eat and Master’s Sun (Along with other shows). He’s still very young, but I loved seeing him on screen. For the girl I think it’s Kim Yoo Bin. She caught my attention in Oh! My Lady first. She’s Siwon’s little girl and they were adorable together. Then she played Bo Young’s little girl in God’s Gift 14 Days. Her role was the center of the drama and her scenes with Seung Woo melted my heart.


Kdramajen:  Nam Da Reum and Lee Re blew me away in Six Flying Dragons.  Nam Da Reum did well in Pinocchio, but he really made me sit up and take notice in Six Flying Dragons.  Lee Re was the feisty Boon Yi in Six  Flying Dragons and the daughter in Come Back, Mister.  I loved her passion and commitment to her roles.  Both of these young actors are going to do great things in the future!


KMUSE: I am trying to think of some that have not recently taken the jump into adult roles.  Probably my favorites from recent dramas were the two boys (Hong Eun Taek & Hong Hyun Taek) from I Remember You.  They both played dysfunctional and possible sociopath really well.  Also on my radar is Choi Kwon Soo (Wonderful Days, One More Happy Ending) who portrays charismatic love struck kid to perfection.


Who are your favorite acting tots?  Do you think they will someday make the jump to teenage leads and eventual adult heart throbs?  Be sure to share your faves in the comments and check back for an all new challenge question tomorrow.

See you tomorrow,

The Fangirls

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  1. Seconded on Shin Rin-ah and Choi Kwon-soo! Watched her in Marriage Contract and was blown away by her acting – and she’s only 6 (I think). Watched him in both Wonderful Days and One More Happy Ending, too, and enjoyed his performances there. I think he’s on Happy Home currently?

    On another note, I’m glad the ‘older kids’ like Kim Yoo-jung and Yeo Jin-gu are maturing into ‘adult’ roles – they are always fantastic to watch.

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