Seo In Guk in Talks to Star in Upcoming Drama ‘Shopping King Louie’


SQUEEEEEE!  Heartriders should begin fangirling right now!  We have just started Seo In Guk’s current drama Squad 38 and already he is in final talks to star in the upcoming romantic comedy Shopping King Louie on MBC! 

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Seo In Guk is up for the lead role and is described as rich, snobby, and obsessed with shopping.  Hmmm, that just describes 90% of all chaebol leading men.  His leading lady is the exact opposite of him……….which I am guessing to mean, she likes to stretch a dollar.  Also, she is probably poor.  Because what would a chaebol be without a candy girl to fall in love with?


Also rumored to be in talks to star in this drama are Yoon Sang Hyun (I Hear Your Voice) and Nam Ji Hyun (Angel Eyes).  I am especially interested in seeing Nam Ji Hyun playing a leading lady role (and not just the younger versions of the leading ladies) which makes me  happy with that casting.


Shopping King Louie (if everything goes smoothly) will be airing this fall.  Which is wonderful news since that means that Seo In Guk will be on our screen almost constantly for the next 6 months.  So all you Seo In Guk fans pray to the dramagods that this deal goes through and we will be blessed with more SIG.  Because, as we all know, you can never have enough Seo In Guk.



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  1. This casting feels like a dream comes true for me. I am Heartrider, and I love Nam Ji Hyun since Queen Seondeok era. She was amazing in that drama (and all of her dramas eventhough she mainly play the younger versions) Then I kept waiting and waiting for her to get her much deserved leading role. When she finally got it, it is going to be with my ultimate bias. Can you imagine? I’m so excited for this! I hope the characters and the story will be satisfying too.

  2. This HeartRider is happy! There can never be too much of Gukkie! But I do hope he gets rest in between dramas.

    Also, I am excited with the possible line up with Nam Ji Hyun and Yoon Sang Hyun. Nam Ji Hyun for her first adult lead role and I like her acting. Loves Yoon Sang Hyun acting as well. Whether for his comedy drama or the serious ones.

    Eventhough the drama plot seems cliche but I’m gonna trust Gukkie own brand of acting and make this drama uniquely his.

    Let’s hope all things go well.

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