The Fangirls Day 11 – 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge


Who knows if it was the plot, the director, or just horrible chemistry between the leads, but these couples just made us turn our thumbs down.  It’s Day 11 and we are chatting about no chemistry leads.

DAY 11: Drama pairing that you thought would have great chemistry, but they didn’t.


Jennie: Usually every drama I get excited about before it airs falls flat for me. I was hoping for more from Lee Seung Gi in You’re All Surrounded, and from Jang Nara in I Remember You. It was great drama, and Seo In Guk was fabulous even without the chemistry. Maybe it’s crime dramas I have an issue with…


Drama Geek: She Was Pretty. They had everything going for them. They’d just done a show together where they showed us amazing chemistry (as siblings but still great chemistry) and then it totally fell flat in this drama. I blame it on the writer and the character of Sung Joon, but I was really disappointed.


KMUSE: This one was an easy choice for me.  Warm and Cozy wins this hands down.  I love Kang So Ra.  I love Yoo Yeon Seok.  Put them together and I go to sleep and wish for a better OTP (one true pairing).  It is hard to say if I have ever been more bored by a couple.




CLKYTTA: The Time I Loved You, Lee Jin Wook and Ha Ji Won are both seasoned actors and I thought that would be a great pairing, but I was unimpressed.  Their interactions together seemed really wooden and forced to me.


KdramaJen:  I was expecting more from Yong Pal.  I thought Joo Won would be able to connect with any actress, but I found his scenes with Kim Tae Hee fell flat.  I think he had better chemistry with her when she was in a coma.


Which kdrama couple was a buzzkill for you?  Thanks for reading and be sure to check back tomorrow for an all new question and answer post.

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0 thoughts on “The Fangirls Day 11 – 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge

  1. Seo in Guk with all the noonas he was paired with. Zilch!
    Seo in Guk with some of the Girl’s Generation members- nada!
    Though I like Soo Young as an actress.
    Only Eun Ji had somethin with him coz he’s got a thing for her,too.

    • Actually I liked him with Jang Nara a lot, and I heard he and Gong Hyojin were good together although I didn’t watch Master’s Sun. I didn’t like him with Lee Hana that much, but that was probably more the plot than anything else that made me uncomfortable.

  2. I think I must be too ‘easy’. If the drama positions a couple as the OTP, then i accept them as such, chemistry or not, and believable or not.. All part of the story :-D So, I had no reply for this challenge and the previous one, too!

  3. Have to agree with you on She Was Pretty. I have very high expection because Park Seo Joon was burning the screen in Witch’s Romance. Even he has sizzling chemistry with Song Ji Hyo in Running Man.

    But I don’t know if it’s the way he styled in this movie but he looks a lot younger that HJE, or is it HJE that I can’t get into, or PSJ’s jerk-ish character that throw me off – but it just came off flat midway through the show.

    • I was looking forward to it because they had good chemistry in kill me heal me. And then nothing in SWP. I wonder if maybe it was more a mix of the directing and writing.

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