The Fangirls Day 13– 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge


With all the upcoming US shows adapted to Kdramas going on (The Good Wife, Entourage) this is the  perfect question.  Come join us and let us know what show you want to see crossover as we conquer our Day 13 Challenge.

DAY 13: Western TV Series (or movie) you think could be adapted into a Asian drama.

KdramaJen:  I think almost any BBC production could become an Asian drama.  I don’t feel the same way about American shows.  I think they move too quickly and are more difficult to translate into a different cultural context.  I think the I Need Romance series was probably the closest I have seen to an American-style vibe (Sex in the City), but it still had the in depth character development that is sometimes missing from American shows.  I am happy to be challenged on this, but to be honest, I tend to watch BBC and Kdramas more than American television.


KMUSE: Oooh. This is an interesting question.  I think I would love to see Supernatural done as an Asian drama.  However I am not always a fan of the Korean way of dealing with the supernatural genre so I vote it goes over to Japan.  They don’t mind keeping the romance out of a good story and they tend to do spooky well.


CLKYTTA: I agree with with KdramaJen, I see a lot of Jane Austen type dramas, the rich lord of the manor and the everyday girl.  There are also a lot of Sherlock type shows.


Drama Geek: I’m not convinced that American TV concepts translate well to Kdrama. I’m willing to give it a try with upcoming A Good Wife and Entourage but I’m still skeptical. There are lots of YA books I think would do a lot better. I could totally see something like If I Stay or maybe Stephanie Perkins books making a great Kdrama. Something that has romance as the central theme.


What is your show you want to see attempted?  Do you think that they can do a proper adaption or should things just stay separate?  Let us know in the comments and be sure to check back tomorrow for an all new 30-day Asian challenge question.

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The Fangirls

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  1. Oh yes!!!! I’m all up for Supernatural getting a Jdrama adaptation. Although I’ll probably spend the entire time lighting candles that they cast the perfect Dean and Sam. I think I would say Gossip Girl, just because dramas do the rich bullying the not so rich trend well. They’ll have to cut down on the number of sex that happen though. Unless it’s cast on cable and then I’m good. I’ll also love to see Orphan Black adapted to Kdrama if anything it takes the you have a long lost identical sister trope to a whole nother level because now you’re looking at a long lost clone. Hahahaha.

    • Oh, and I forgot, will definitely want to see Charmed adapted as well. With how well Mirror of the Witch is being done, I’m sure Kdramas can pull it off. Let’s have us some witches that are not all Hong Joo trying to kill the other witch. Let’s have some magically powerful women support each other in a drama…

  2. Can’t help myself LOL I have to say SCANDAL. The kdrama and kpop genre have enough of them. More often than should, people and careers are ruined over little or no evidence. Allegation seems to be enough to do severe damage to idols and actors. I can name a few who could use an Olivia Pope. I’d be interested to see them do FRINGE, or PERSON OF INTEREST. I like observing the different take on Sci Fi Kdrama has.

  3. I think Pretty Little Liars would be good for a KDrama make-over. The story would also END which is a huge plus! Same w/Supernatural – OMG it just goes on and on and on….. I watched 6 seasons but just can’t anymore… So a KDrama where the story ENDED would be wonderful LOL
    I too prefer BBC shows over American ones – have done for 40+ years. KDramas have a lot of the same qualities as those British ones. I’d love to see a KDrama version of Being Human LOL – more like the 1st season which was very funny (we are totally talking about the BRITISH version here).

    • Hai, hai, I agree, my first thought was Person of interest because it has that K-drama solemn style , but still it has the action of “Kill me, Heal me” or “City Hunter!”, plus it could have the edgy intrigue touch of mystique of “Signal”!

  4. So much of American tv is total trash, absolutely crass and mindless…which is why I started watching Asian tv.

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