Squad 38 Episode 5 – Con, Stall, & Repeat

1a10.jpgI am back from my vacation and ready to get some Seo In Guk fangirling underway so let’s chat Episode 5.  Things become complicated when our team must not only defeat the Bankrupt Baddie, but also overcome the threat that is lurking in the shadows.

So we all know that there is a long con going on against Bankrupt Baddie over the last several episodes.  There is tons of con movement but I don’t really want to go into it at this time.  We are not going to go step by step since I would rather focus on my favorite moments.  I know I did a warning back in episode 1 but thought I would repeat since you might be wondering why I don’t go into detail.  I am assuming you are aware of the big picture which is why I will be focusing on all the small moments that are keeping me entertained.


h6.pngWe left off with Seong Il on the way to Busan with Bankrupt Baddie.  Unfortunately, they are ahead of Jung Do who has to be there for the con to work.  Things go from bad to worse when Jung Do is in a car accident.  I enjoyed how we got some great flashback moments while Jung Do was dazed and confused.  We witness his first meeting with Seung Hee and how he is instantly attracted to her.


Jung Do also backs away from scamming her which already proves his breakup speech a lie. I can’t wait til we find out the truth of the matter.


Due to the whole bleeding concussion thing, Jung Do tells Seong Il to stall or everything will be ruined.  Poor Seong Il throws out the first thing that comes to his mind………which of course is having to use the restroom.  At which point he frantically calls his cop bestie for help.


I totally choked from laughing so hard when his bestie promptly calls in Bankrupt Baddie’s car as stolen and has him pulled over.  You have to love a best friend who will abuse his power (in humorous ways) to help you out of a jam.


After the meeting with Jung Do goes off without a hitch (Bankrupt Baddie is all ready to give them 4 million dollars) but then Seong Il is told to stall again.  This time, because the con team has to sneak into Bankrupt Baddie’s house and hack into BB’s computer.


This time, Seong Il distracts him with lunch (does anyone else wonder why Bankrupt Baddie is suddenly OK with hanging out with a lowly minion?)  That is one of the few problems I have with the plot….but I digress.  Off to lunch they go, ordering Bean Sprout soup.


First Seong Il claims that the chopsticks are dirty and then he promptly starts taking all the bean sprouts out of his soup since he is allergic.  Bwahahaha.  His mind is so random.


And finally after a long drawn out desprouting of the soup, he says a lengthy prayer.  I seriously love Seong Il to bits.


This is the perfect time to take a moment and appreciate the beauty of Seo In Guk.  No matter if he is wearing glasses, a suit, or blood, Seo In Guk is hot hot hot.



Having failed at successfully attacking Bankrupt Baddie, Seung Hee is looking in a new direction to save her boss.  The other manager takes her aside and discusses going after the people that are above Bankrupt Baddie and go for the big bucks.  Seeing no other option Seung Hee agrees.


I am a bit concerned about this situation.  Am I the only one that remembers that this guy was scammed because he had also been taking bribes?  I am not sure if he is on our good guy’s side and it could be an issue in the future.


We are at D-day.  In 24 hours bankrupt baddie will be signing the papers and giving our con team 6 million dollars.  The only issue is that our crime cop is aware of the whole scam and has been gathering proof to arrest Jung Do and his team.

Crime Cop goes so far as to arrest all of the team, minus Jung Do.  He announces that Jung Do has two choices.  He can either go and get the papers signed by Bankrupt Baddie, at which time he will be arrested.  Or he could give up his thoughts of crime and toe the straight and narrow.  An offer that is coming only because of his friendship with Jung Do’s father.


Needless to say, it is unexpected when Jung Do looks straight at the cop and informs him that he will get the papers signed and catch him if they can.


My Thoughts:

This drama is so good.  I never know where the plot is going to go …. but in a good way.  Drama writers often like to leave huge hints that there are secret plots occurring and we, the viewers, are missing things.  This can really be aggravating when it feels like the writers are just messing with you (Looking at you Answer Me 1994.)  But with Squad 38 the big plot twists feel very natural and planned.


I also like the small glimpses into Jung Do’s life.  Just enough to keep things interesting, but not enough to distract from the con. I continue to hope that he is slowly bonding with Seong Il and bromance will overcome his need to take money from people.


Getting ready to go watch Episode 6 so I will say bye for now.  Be sure to look for my next recap to come out in the next few days (a bit behind because of my vacation).

Til next time,


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  1. Wah, thanks for the beautiful SIG collage. Will print it out and frame it. Also, nice use of the word ‘desprouting’, haha.

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