W-Two Worlds 3rd Teaser Throws out Mystery Vibe

b6.pngI am loving that we get a heroine who keeps getting to save the hero for once.  Especially when you have such an over the top accomplished hero as we do in W-Two Worlds.  This newest teaser finally gives us a glimpse into the two worlds and I admit I am so excited to see more.

We have not one, but two parallel worlds (hence the name) which are linked between our OTP (one true pairing).  Lee Jong Suk (Pinocchio) plays bad boy, Olympic gold medalist, trillionaire who is the “it” guy in the alternate universe.  He is also the lead in a comic book written by leading lady Han Hyo Joo’s (Dong Yi) missing father who exists in Seoul.  Judging from this teaser our leading man is  a bit accident prone (supposedly thanks to leading lady’s dad who is trying to kill off the character in his comic).


I am excited not only for the actors but also the writer who has previously penned Nine and Queen Inhyun’s Man.  Both dramas that I loved in all their complex glory.  Which means there is a good chance that this crazy synopsis is going to make sense somehow.  Be sure to check back since Jennie B and I will be recapping this drama!


W-Two Worlds is set to air on July 20th.





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