The Fangirls Day 17 – 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge

FotorCreated17.jpg I love a good sidekick which makes Day 17 one of my favorite discussions to date.  Come join us as we share our favorites.

DAY 17:  Your favorite sidekick character in a drama

KMUSE: I loved all of the sidekick/besties in King of High School Savvy.  Not only did Seo In Guk’s character have awesome friends at school but also his minions at work were hilariously supportive and quirky.  I was constantly laughing from all everyone’s antics.


CLKYTTA: Han Jung Soo as Secretary Go in Blade Man. He stole the show for me.  Every time he was on screen I was more interested in him than any other character.  He was the perfect sidekick, cute, funny, dependable and he supported his guy the best way he could. I have to admit that I found him sexy and funny and the whole package, I kept wondering what I needed to do to have a Secretary Go of my own!


Drama Geek: Oh man, CLKYTTA stole mine! Seriously, everyone needs a Secretary Go. But they also need an Ajumma from Healer. There’s not much he could have accomplished in that show if it wasn’t for his trusty gimbap eating sidekick. And now I need to go watch me some Healer.


I have a second one that I have to mention. Princess from Angry Mom. Everyone needs her and her minions.


Be sure to let us know who your favorite sidekicks are in the comments and check back tomorrow for more great insights into the minds of The Fangirls.

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  1. All three are wonderful and my favorite would have to be from “Blade Man”. Lee Dong-wook’s bodyguard Secretary Ko was the epitome of the self-less, and self-sacrificing (comic-book like) sidekick. Still, I think my favorite would have to be Kim Sung-oh who portrayed Secretary Kim to Hyun Bin’s character, Kim Joo-won in “Secret Garden”. Kim Sung-oh is a long-time personal favorite of mine.

  2. Hahaha. And I can’t forget Ajusshi from City Hunter and his fondness for the home shopping network. Like seriously those two were like an old married couple. Too cute for words. Hahaha.

  3. My Fave:

    – healer Ahjumma
    – high school king’s 2 buddies and office senior (the scene with the “I believe” music at the background while he emotionally told the gf all about how “wuri min” is hilarious 😂)
    – Angry mom’s princess & her minions
    – Twenty again, Choi ji woo’s uni project partner & female classmate
    – Misaeng’s Chief Oh’s Dongshik (not sure if u can consider him sidekick but he is so sweet and loyal)

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