Squad 38 Episode 6 – Catch Me If You Can


Its a game of cat and mouse this episode as Jung Do overcomes all obstacles to finish the con. We also find ourselves with a new bad guy to root against and a solidified con team that all come together for their growing love for our taxman teddy bear.  In other words!  Awesome stuff is going on, so come join me as I chat Episode 6.

Do you ever get sucked into a show and reality starts to fade away to the point that you totally forget things?  No?  Just me?  Well, that might have happened and here I am on Friday, all ready to watch the new Squad 38 episode and I realize that I forgot to write the last recap.  Oops.

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So due to the fact that I totally messed up and have a limited amount of time, this recap is going to be super short and sweet.  More of a screencaps with random thoughts accompanied kind of review.

The Chase

I thought it was hilarious that neither Jung Do nor the cops were being the littlest bit stealthy.  Was I the only one a bit surprised that Jung Do did not have a bigger plan for escaping than just to run?


Thank goodness for Loan Shark Ahjumma (my favorite female character in the show) who shows up at the last minute with a fleet of identical cars.  Now this is how you use bait and switch effectively.

Let’s Go to Jail

Let’s just all give a small cheer as the mean Thug Detective gets a taste of his own medicine and is arrested for doing an unauthorized bust.  I hope he suffers and gets smacked around a bit in jail.  He hit my dear SIG after all.


Unsuccessful Tax Collecting

I appreciate that Seong Hee is trying to clear her bosses name legally.  I just wish she was a bit less boring while doing it.  I understand she has a role in the drama.  Sadly, it is mostly just verbalizing random truths and introducing the new bad guys.  Bored bored bored.


I did like that she was trying to use the media to force the company to let Seong Il go free without losing his job.  Sadly, things did not go as planned and she ends up looking like an inept bully.  I also suspect that this is our new bad guy that will be scammed in the future.


Just Desserts

This scene was EPIC!  It was perfect from start to finish as Seong Il was finally able to get his moment of payback.  I also loved how each member of the con squad made an entrance to watch Bankrupt Baddie’s defeat.  This was one of the most satisfying karma moments in the history of the crime kdrama genre.

Also, Seong Il was able to put all the money towards taxes and didn’t get scammed by the con-artists.  I was really worried that he was going to get taken a second time and was glad that I had it wrong.

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The Next Con

Upon finding out that Seong Il is going to be fired (I guess receiving $5 million in back taxes does not clear him of his bribery charges) Jung Do proposes a new con.  The con team needs to go after all the other people owing taxes so that Seong Il would be so successful that he can’t be fired.


Sure the concept isn’t overly deep, but it still works if you consider how corrupt the City Hall currently is. I look forward to seeing what kind of cons come out of Jung Do & his team now that he is in mid bromance with Seong Il.

Did I mention that I am really loving the bromance?

The Mystery

I am very interested in finding out who the person is who is helping Jung Do behind the scenes.  If you watch carefully you will notice that multiple characters keep mentioning “some guy” who called them.  Who is this guy?  The suspense of not knowing is killing me.


That’s all from me today!  Check back this weekend for my Episode 7 recap.  I promise that I am back from the binge watching black hole and will be more on top of things.

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  1. Dropping by while waiting to stream Episode 8.

    By the way, awesome episode as always. And by saying that, I sound like a broken record. Pretty sure I’m not the only one.

    One thing about the chasing part. When Jung Do was chased down by the car, I kept thinking, why didnt Jung Do run into the small alleys instead. Probably easier for him to lose the cops. Hehehe… Small matter anyway and I’m not really complaining. Because of that chase I get to see some gluteal muscles working extra hard. Yum!

  2. Hahaha, you forgot to recap? Now you’re starting to sound like me, I can’t remember what day of the week it is anymore (until I see what dramas are on that day).

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