The Fangirls Day 21 – 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge

FotorCreated21.jpg We discuss the Ahjussi Romance in todays challenge.  Who is your favorite older leading man?

Day 22: Favorite Ahjussi Romance

CLKYTTA: Marriage Contract, I loved this drama, it was one of those sleeper hits for me that just grabbed my heart and didn’t let go. I loved how Ji Hoon fell in love with not just Hye Soo, but also Eun Sung.  There is a 15 year age difference between Uee and Lee Seo Jin, but their chemistry was very believable to me.


Drama Geek: Um, so is the opposite of a noona romance? This is a tough one for me because I tend to think old guys need to stop creeping on young girls. LOL. I had to dig deep for this one. Who Are You? The 2008 one with Yoon Kye Sang and Go Ara. I watched this after I’d seen Reply 1994 so I already liked Go Ara. The premise is a little kooky. Go Ara’s dead father has 49 days to say goodbye to his loved ones and he uses Yoon Kye Sang’s body to do it. Which in turn causes her to fall in love with him. I know it sounds a bit off, but Yoon Kye Sang was hilarious in this one, and they had a really sweet romance. It’s one of the last dramas Lee Eon (you may know him as Min Yeom from Coffee Prince) was in before he passed away.


KMUSE: Hmm.  When I think of Ahjussi romances I think of dramas that have older leading men, not necessarily with a big age gap.  Sometimes it is nice watching a show with a guy that is not closer to my kids age than mine.

My first suggestion is My Spring Days. Kam Woo Sung and Soo Young had such amazing chemistry that the age difference didn’t even register.  I would love to see them pair up for another drama…. preferably one with a bit happier ending.


The other drama that instantly came to my mind is the romantic hidden gem All About My RomanceShin Ha Kyun is one of my favorite ahjussi actors and I thought this drama was so sweet and romantic.


Leave a comment if you have a favorite Ahjussi drama and be sure to check back tomorrow as we tackle yet another challenge question.

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  1. I nominate Lee Pil mo in Woman who still wants to marry. He was the airline pilot who fell for the mom. I liked them better than the leads.

    • Lee Pil Mo is awesome. He was the best part of Emergency Couple as far as I’m concerned. He’s cute when he’s grumpy.

  2. Clkytta’s choice is mine, too! Lee Seo-jin in Marriage Contact was excellent. I think Lee Sung-min and Lee Seon-kyun are good, too.

  3. Kam Woo Sung in My Spring Days…agree, chemistry was fantastic. Very believable. Waiting and waiting and waiting to see him in anything!!

  4. I agree on All About My Romance – I especially liked the fact that all the older ladies voted for Shin Ha Kyun’s character. I would, too! Looking outside Korea, I really like the Singaporean actor Christopher Lee (you can find him very sexy in a suit in Mr. Right Wanted) both for looks and acting chops. Also, Chinese-American actor Daniel Wu and Hong Kong actor Louis Koo. You can actually see them in the same movies – Don’t go breaking my heart 1 & 2 – and Daniel Wu is on the American tv show, Into the Badlands. Generally, I feel better about a guy in his 40s than in his teens.

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