The Fangirls Day 22 – 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge


It’s time to chat about one of my favorite drama genres!  Let your inner cougar out and let us know which show is your favorite noona romance!

Day 22: Favorite Noona Romance

CLKYTTA: I Need Romance 3, I wasn’t as invested in the first two of this series, but I loved the third one.  Sung Joon will always be my Sweet Potato/ Joo Won.  I loved all the characters in this one, and how the heroine didn’t really know what she wanted and how hard she fought against her feelings. The side stories were well developed and I liked how real some of the relationships were, both the romantic ones and the general relationships between characters.  I think I love this couple because he is always touching her both physically and pulling at her heartstrings, he doesn’t let her keep her icy facade up around him.


Drama Geek: This one is super easy for me. Witch’s Romance. Dang, they started that one off super steamy. (I still go back and watch the kiss against the bookshelf that ended in the bedroom) They had AMAZING onscreen chemistry and it introduced me to Park Seo Joon and Uhm Jung Hwa. I just loved them together and now I watch out for anything they are in.



KMUSE: I love both the dramas CLKYTTA & Drama Geek mentioned.  However, I think I will jump over to my biases and throw out King Of High School as my favorite.  Yes, I know that it bugged some people that the leading lady was just so… odd.  But I appreciated that the drama truly felt like two souls just clicked and that age and personality quirks didn’t matter.  They were two people that marched to their own beat and were lucky to find each other.  It also didn’t hurt that the skinship scenes were epic.


I am a huge fan of noona romances and want to share the love.  So I will also throw out I Hear Your Voice into the mix.  I thought their love was just adorable and I literally cheered when Hye Sung accepted that she was in love with a Soo Ha.  This is a drama that really brings out the fangirl feelz for me.


Be sure to let us know what your favorite noona romance is!  There are so many out there it was hard to pick just one.

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  1. My first Noona romance was What’s Up Fox with Chun Jung Myung and Go Hyun Jung. They were so cute together. She was such an interesting character and he flailed around trying so hard to be cool – I love them together. I Hear Your Voice was another favorite – I know that some people found the ick factor to be too high but I liked it. I Need Romance and Witch’s Romance both had lovely romance and so many hot moments. Very Nice.

    • What’s Up Fox was so funny. It was my first time seeing the leading actors and I really fell in love with them. I’ve watched every single piece of their work ever since 🙂

  2. NOT a big fan of I Hear Your Voice, have to admit. I loved Witch’s Romance completely, however, and also I Need Romance 3. But I have to say that Kim Bum’s Noona romance is my fav (Still, Marry Me – or 아직도 결혼하고 싶은 여자). Cause, you know, Kim Bum….
    Also Dahlia’s Spring!
    I did love King of High School Savvy, but not so much for the noona romance (sweet tho it was) as for Seo In Guk.
    I can’t really bring myself to call Secret Love Affair a noona romance somehow – steamy, sexy & lots of other adjectives come to mind…LOL

  3. The first noona romance for me was the super famous MNKSS. Actually it was the third kdrama I had watched by that time so, the age difference between the OTP (which didn’t seem such a huge problem) as well as all the cultural “drama” behind it looked a bit odd.
    By my second similar drama, which was Dal-ja’s Spring I got used to the Korean aspect on the subject and nothing could bother me any more.
    Since then I watched each and every noona drama in kdramaland ( plus some jdoramas I came across) and loved them all!! 😉

  4. I Need Romance 3 – Sweer Potato for the win. I watched that show with one of my older daughters after her first big breakup – she is not a kdrama fan – and even today, she says “let’s watch some Sweet Potato, Mom!” when she’s a little down.

  5. I’ve already copped to my Sung Joon bias, but one of the reasons I really loved INR 3 is that it was the first drama I watched where the woman was an actual adult, not a teenager or an adult woman written to act like a girl (or be treated like one). And I loved that she was the reserved one.

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