Moonlight Drawn By Clouds Releases Musical 1st Teaser


You know how sometimes dramas will release teasers that have absolutely nothing to do with the actual drama?  And sometimes it is a tad bit annoying (not always, but sometimes.)  This is one of those teasers.  However instead of being annoyed, I could not be happier, since watching Park Bo Gum dance in his king costume is one of my new favorite things of all time.


** SYNOPSIS – Hong Ra On (Kim Yoo Jung) disguises herself as a man and counsels men on dating. Due to a love letter she wrote for a client, she meets Crown Prince Hyo Myeong (Park Bo Gum). Ra On is unaware that he is the Crown Prince and Hyo Myeong is unaware that Ra On is a woman. The Crown Prince becomes interested in Ra On. His eunuchs become aware of this and attempt to get Ra On to become one of them.

I am 100% in love with Park Bo Gum’s quirky character.  Or maybe I am just 100% in love with Park Bo Gum and he could do anything (like dance around in cosplay with a eunuch that has a fake dog tied to his shoulder) and I would support him with fangirl adoration. Either way, I hope that the drama keeps some of this quirky charm that we are seeing in the teaser.



As an added bonus, enjoy the newly released stills of Kim Yoo Jung and 2nd lead Jung Jin Young.  All I can say is that it is obvious that Moonlight Drawn in Clouds is following the current trend of flower boy sagueks.  It will be interesting to see how it fairs up against Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo which is also airing in August.


Moonlight Drawn in Clouds is set to air on August 15th.  Will you be watching?


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  1. Oh my gosh, I haven’t seen that much sass in hanbok since Song Joong Ki in S Scandal. Imma gonna have to play that again.

  2. I’m usually more appreciative of older actors but – I want that on repeat. Is it a little too much if I show it to my daughters? My book group? Random women out looking for Pokemon?

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