The Fangirls Day 27 – 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge

FotorCreated27 BROMANCES x 3!  The Fangirls choose their top 3 bromance suggestions.  Somthing which was a very hard thing to do.  You could say our love of bromances runneth over this post.

DAY 27: Your top 3 bromances in dramas.

CLKYTTA: Oh this is a good one. I love a good bromance.

  1. Oh My Venus. Young Ho, Soon Joon, and Ji Yong set the standard for bromance in my opinion. The relationship between the three of them was tight and they protected each other no matter what.b8.png
  2. Sassy Go Go/Cheer Up.  Lee Won Geun and Seo Ha Joon.  The writers could have made them rivals, but instead they gave us a solid relationship that made my heart happy.b7
  3.  Flower Boy Next Door.  Jin Rok was serious with a secret past and Dong Hoon was an open book who believed in the good in everyone. I loved their interactions and how they bickered like real siblings.n6

Drama Geek: (I think you’re trying to torture me by limiting it to 3).

Okay, so I searched kdrama bromance online and there are lots of lists. You can even search by it on most of the streaming sites. And most of the ones I LOVE come up on all these lists. School 2013, Shut Up Flower Boy Band (and the rest of the Flower Boy series too. They had great boys in those), all the Reply series because that’s what that writer does well. My heart specifically breaks for the Yoon Jae & Joon Hee match up. Sungkyungkwan Scandal. Oh, the BROMANCE! (And cheeky winks).


Then there are the ones I love with all my heart but… we’ve listed them a lot on this 30 day dealy. The brothers from I Remember You. The walkie-talkie cops in Signal. The list could go on and on. LOL. So my 3 might not be my absolute favorite (or maybe they are) but they are the ones you might not think of or haven’t seen.

  1. Faith. King Gongmin and his general Choi Young. One of the cool things about this pair is that they are historical figures who really did have a relationship with one another. They don’t have the silly cute scenes that most bromances do. But because the king must trust General Choi with his life and the safety of his nation, they have a very deep and weighty relationship. Plus, any bromance that starts out with one of the members traveling to the future to steal a doctor and bring her back to the past so she can stitch up your woman, has to be pretty amazing.b5.png
  2. Witch’s Romance. Dong Ha and Yong Soo Cheol. I just can’t even with those two. The scene where Soo Cheol drops his towel is priceless!!! They are the most comedic of my choices. Though they really were the sweetest sometimes. Who wouldn’t want a best friend like Soo Cheol? WRep11-00257
  3. Tokyo Dogs. Oguri Shun and Mizushima Hiro are so much fun to watch and I just love cop shows with tons of bromance. If you like TD you should also try Partners by Blood. It’s a father/son duo cop team and they are hilarious.b3

Kdrama Jen:  Bromances tend to be the aspect of dramas that draw me in the most.  My favorites are Warrior Baek Dong Soo, I Remember You, and School 2013.  I think I have already waxed poetic about these dramas in other posts, so I won’t go into detail here, but these three captured by heart with the bromances that outshined any hint at a romance.


KMUSE:  Jumping in to my drama vault to share one’s that I have not already used in past posts.  Which is really hard since some of my favorites like Ouroboros, Heartless City, and Nirvana in Fire are just so epic.  But I want the readers to find new dramas to check out so my picks are as follows:

  1. Six Flying Dragons – Moo Hyul had the best bromance with literally every other male character (maybe not the dad, but everyone else) in the drama.  His mix of bad ass and total geek was so powerful that no one could last against it’s charm.  Even writing this post makes me want to go back and watch my favorite Moo Hyul bromantic moments.
  2. Protect the Boss – These cousins shifted from enemies to frenemies and were a huge reason I loved this drama so much.  Not to mention Ji Sung and Jae Joong make a really pretty bromantic picture.n3.jpg
  3. A Gentleman’s Dignity – Finding a really good 4way Bromance is harder than you think.  These ahjussis were so closely knit that there was no separating them even through age, women, and life.  Truly a funny bromance that I highly recommend. n5.jpg

Only three more posts to go.  What will be tomorrow’s question?  Be sure to check back and find out.  Also, leave your favorite bromance picks in the comments since we love chatting bromance!

See you tomorrow,

The Fangirls


0 thoughts on “The Fangirls Day 27 – 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge

  1. My very top favorite must be the four of A Gentleman’s Dignity … forever friends!!!

    And agree … Faith – King and the General!

  2. One of my favourite bromances is Sassy Go Go’s Kim Yeol and Seo Ha-joon. I agree with Clkytta – the writer could have made them rivals (which in a sense they were, for a thankfully short time), but the bromance won out. The depth of their relationship and concern for each other was amazing.

    I also love Lee Jae-ha and Eun Shi-kyung in King 2 Hearts. The stoic and/ or pained expression on Shi-kyung’s face when he had to deal with Jae-ha at first! And then, the ‘awwww’ bromance that developed.

    Hmmm. . . I guess no. 3 would be the boys from Shut Up: Flower Boy Band. I loved how they realised that the factor that drew them together initially (music) didn’t have to be the only basis for their friendship.

  3. AGD must be the best friendship/bromance in kdramas. It was such a precious and long-term relationship between men from their school years to their forties and we all loved it.
    If we exclude Reply series for all the known reasons (and because it would be unfair to each and every kdrama ever produced), those are my favorites:
    Hilarious bromance: Flower Grandpa Investigative Team – they were young, they were old, they were both young and old without their consent and all at the same time.
    Brothers till the bitter end: Heartless City – need I say more?
    Love-hate bromance: Fugitive Plan B – Rain and LJJ’s “romance” through half the world. So much fun!
    Brothers Forever: Coffee Prince – teammates, friends aaaand… lovers. Who can top this one? (expect for SKK Scandal, of course…)

  4. i love Jo Deokhwan, Oh Taesuk and Lee Minsuk from hskos. the three idiots. n latest bromance i would say my papa bear and baby foxy from squad 38. oh and also the kitchen squad in oh my ghostess. nyaaaaa

  5. You hit all my favorites! At the moment I am loving the ghost hunters in Bring it On Ghost, they are so cute together. One of my favorite things about Korean dramas are all the Bromances, they are allowed to touch and cling to one another without being labeled as weird. It makes dramas so much more fun to watch 😀

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