Drinking Solo Drops 2 Alcohol Focused Teasers.

b41.pngFrom the writers of the Lets Eat franchise comes a new addictive drama titled Drinking Solo.  Bet you can’t guess what the theme of this show is going to be?

Is it wrong that whenever I think of this premise, I have the urge to start singing Brad Paisley’s song “Alcohol”?  On the off chance, you have never experienced that wonderful little ditty, feel free to press play below and listen to it as you view the teasers.

Alcohol MV

Teasers that show our two leads drinking alone at home.  Both seem very happy so I assume this isn’t going to be one of those drama interventions that show the dangers of over-drinking.  But then again, TvN often surprises me.



SYNOPSIS: Story depicts people drinking alcohol alone for different reasons and the romance between Jung-Suk (Ha Seok-Jin) and Shin-Ib (Park Ha-Sun).

Drinking Solo is set to air September 5th.



0 thoughts on “Drinking Solo Drops 2 Alcohol Focused Teasers.

  1. ” one of those drama interventions that show the dangers of over-drinking”

    Really? Has there EVER been one of those in K Dramas. Never mind that they drink more than any other country on the planet & social costs from alcohol abuse in the RoK top $20Bn p.a, every K Drama celebrates, not condemns, over drinking, though few as openly as this one’s title suggests.

    • I was joking with that statement. I still am a little shocked that they are making a whole drama about drinking by yourself. But I will give it a chance to prove me wrong.

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