The Fangirls Day 28 – 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge


It is time to take a look into the world of women and their friendships.  The Fangirls choose their favorite sismances and find it much harder to hunt down happy feeling girl relationships then their male counterparts.  Did your favorite make our list?

DAY 28 – Your top 3 sismances in a drama.

CLKYTTA: It took me longer to think of the sismances than the bromances, the sismances are usually more subtle.

  1. Secret Garden’s Gil Ra Im and Im Ah Young. Their relationship is one of my favorite in kdrama land.  Their friendship was built when they were young and through the years they have become each other’s family.1ad1sa2alha.jpg
  2. Na Do Rim and Jin Joo in Bride of the Century.  I loved these two, and how supportive they were of each other.1ad1sa2alhar.jpg
  3. Master’s Sun.  Gong Sil and Gong Ri are actual sisters, but their relationship isn’t simple.  Gong Ri has made many sacrifices for Gong Sil, but she doesn’t resent her for it.  She doesn’t understand her sister, but she loves her and she supports her as best as she can.

Drama Geek: Dear Kdrama Writernims: Please create more girl relationships that are awesome and amazing. I take that back, writers in general. Women can be friends. They can compete without being total bitches to one another. And they can be AMAZING sisters. I know, I have 3 blood and 4 by marriage. **Steps off soapbox.

  1. Reply 1988. The mother trio will probably always be my favorite. Their relationship was so real, and raw, and at times made me weep. (Dang it, I just got all teary-eyed.) These women treated all the kids on the block like their own. And when one family was in need, the other made sure that need was met. They shared food, menopause medicine, husband stories. And by god, they laughed together. And made me laugh. They were family.b2ts.png
  2. Angry Mom. Jo Gang Ja and Hang Gong Joo (Princess). Both in school and as adults these two women were there for each other. They made an amazing team trying to fight bullying and injustice at A-Ran’s school. They kicked butt (literally and figuratively) and were able to accomplish anything together. And made me laugh and fall in love with them the whole way.
  3. The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry. I loved the trio in this one. They were always there for each other. And even though they fought they were still great friends. Some of my favorite parts of this show were when they’d gather in the living room, drink, and just be friends together.1ad1sa.jpg

Kdrama Jen:  Definitely it is harder to find solid sismances in the world of drama and film.  Sometimes they start out as great relationships, but somehow a man comes between them and they become enemies for life.  I can point to so many examples of this…  There have been a few examples, though, that made me wish I could jump through the screen and be besties with the girls.

  1.  Reply 1988.  I have to agree with Drama Geek.  I think my all time favorite sismance is the relationship among the Reply 1988 mamas.  They went through it all together, and I just wanted to don my ahjumma pants and sit on the steps with them gossiping and shelling beans.1ad1sa2.jpg
  2. Doctors Crush.  Ok.  So this one is still airing and there is always the chance that the sismance will go sour, but right now, I love the bubbly friend of our gangster doctor.  She even fessed up and went to jail in place of her BFF.b2t.png

KMUSE:  Also find this one harder to answer.  Especially when my co-fangirls have picked so many great dramas.

  1. Reply 1997. Of course, I would usually choose the ahjummas of 1988, but since those have already been covered, I am going to put forth Shi Won and Yoo Jung from Reply 1997.  Not only does their relationship weather the test of time, but they showed that even best friends fight and make up sometimes.  I will always laugh at the dramatic hair cutting scene.1a.jpg
  2. Protect the Boss: The trio of girls in this drama was so adorable.  They started out as enemies, become frenemies, and eventually transition into besties.  A nice surprise from a drama that started out pretty standard with the 2nd leading lady.1ad1.jpg
  3. My Amazing Boyfriend. Jing Zhi and Xuan Xuan are each other’s acting nemesis in public.  But behind the facade, they are really besties and are always poking their noses into each other’s business.   It is this cute back and forth sismance that put’s them on my top three list.b2.png

Considering kdramas are so focused on close bonds, it really is a surprise that dramas don’t have more sismances.  Although I do notice that there has been a slight shift in the last few months.  Dramas like My Dear Friends and Age of Youth are starting break through the male wall with their female-focused storyline.  Let’s just hope that this is the start of a new trend.a32

What is your favorite sismance?  Let us know in the comments and be sure to check back tomorrow for another challenge post.

See you tomorrow,

The Fangirls

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  1. The girls from Protect the Boss were great – didn’t they give the ritzy second lead girl a nickname like Ice Cream Girl or something? The best relationships have nicknames.

  2. The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry had three great friends although I’d prefer a bit more for the third friend who had the stronger girl-power. It was great nevertheless.
    Protect the Boss had the funny trio as well.
    So, since those two are already on the post let me mention my runner-ups (Reply series are excluded because they can easily beat any other drama on any possible category and Dear My Friends is a true pioneer in dramaland ):
    Twelve Men in a Year had two amazing BBFs (and too many silly men).
    She Was Pretty dodged a bullet. We had no second “hateful” female lead because the show taught us that friendship between women is the most powerful bond. Amen!
    I Need Romance, the second instalment, had one very stupid romance that no one could ever possible need but great girl friendship that all of us wish we could have forever.
    Honorable mention to the has-been idol group of One More Happy Ending – their catchy little tune and their relationship were refreshing.

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