W-Two Worlds Episode 2 – I have a girl crush!


There are certain things I expect going into one of my bias’s dramas.  First, there will be a lot of fangirling over said bias.  And usually, it is a given that that specific actor is going to be my favorite thing about any given drama.  Imagine my surprise when Han Hyo Joo (playing Oh Yeon Joo) bursts onto my TV screen and steals the show, as well as my love.  I think I might have a new girl crush.

Since I am really focused on Yeon Joo, I decided that I will dedicate this recap to her crazy awesomeness!  So join me as I bask in my favorite Yeon Joo moments of episode 2.

#1 Yeon Joo and her father.

b12.pngBefore we get to the good stuff (KISS! KISS! AWKWARD CRAZY KISS!) we have to mention the crazy elephant in the room.  Namely, Yeon Joo’s father who is having a mental crisis and trying to kill off Kang Chul.  We don’t really understand why other than the fact that his life has been taken over by this other world and he wants to destroy it.  There was some shouting that went along the lines “Blah blah blah…. I AM GOD OF THIS STORY AND I WILL SMITE HIM….. .Blah blah blah.”


Since Yeon Joo saved Kang Chul when he was stabbed, Crazy Dad tries again by having a nurse paid to slip poison into his IV.  Crazy Dad’s underling calls Yeon Joo to commiserate with their favorite character’s impending demise……again.  Yeon Joo tries to talk herself out of being worried “It’s a comic.  Just a comic.” but next thing you know, she is dragged back into the other universe and rushes to save Kang Chul.


#2 Let me save you: part 2

Upon realizing that she is, yet again, in Kang Chul’s world.  Yeon Joo jumps into action. Sneaking into the hospital (which is just like her own workplace) and making her way to the VVIP section, she manages to burst in and stop the nurse just as she plunges the poison into the IV.  YAY!  Save Kang Chul is a success.  Unfortunately, Yeon Joo is not able to sneak away this time.

And so begins the most awkward game of cat and mouse.  Kang Chul asks questions, Yeon Joo denies, and he catches her in a lie.  Yeon Joo even starts spouting off things that were said in the comic but not in her presence.  BWAHAHA!  Yeon Joo’s expression when she realizes she had blurted out what Kang Chul said about her looks word for word.  Oh my gosh, I love how adorable these two are.

Yeon Joo is forced to use the “I saved your life and you owe me” card in order to escape without further confrontation.  But also agrees to talk further with Kang Chul when he is released from the hospital.   Phttt.  I bet she has no plans on keeping that promise.


But alternate reality fate has other ideas.  Sitting outside on the bus stop, waiting for the chapter to be finished so she can return to her own dimension, Yeon Joo goes through a time jump.  For her, it has been 30 minutes.  For the world, it has been two months and Kang Chul calls expecting Yeon Joo to keep her promise.

This scene was so cute with Yeon Joo talking to herself and being generally crazy while Kang Chul pulls out the charming leading man moves.  I think we deserve some serious screen capping to properly appreciate the cuteness level here.


#3 What does a girl have to do to close a chapter around here?

Frantic to get home, Yeon Joo surmises that in order to escape she needed to create a dramatic chapter finale.  This is a webtoon after all.  So when Kang Chul drags her into a boutique for a pretty woman moment, Yeon Joo channels all her inner crazy and smacks our sexy CEO.

Hahahahaha (literally wiping tears of laughter from my eyes.)

The hand slap achieves nothing except a “WHAT THE FUDGE” look from our leading man.  Yeon Joo decides that she needs to take things up a notch to achieve her goals.  Yeon Joo looks at Kang Chul, closes in, and smooches him.  The expression on Kang Chul’s face is priceless.



I love everything about this scene.  From Kang Chul not closing his eyes and staring at her through full lip smooch.  To Yeon Joo’s frantic glances around looking for the continued symbol that signals the return to her world.  Starting to panic when she doesn’t immediately spot it, Yeon Joo practically faints from relief when the image appears and runs back into the dressing room.


Kang Chul is left behind with a name badge and even more questions for the crazy doctor.


#4 Embarrassment level expert has been achieved.

For a while, I had forgotten that whatever happens in webtoonland, doesn’t stay in webtoonland.  Yup, that kiss did not remain their little secret.  Instead, it is published for everyone to see in Yeon Joo’s world.  Sure no one except her dad knows it is fiction taken from reality, but it is still extremely embarrassing for our leading lady.

#5 The father continues down the path of crazy.

Obsessed with killing of Kang Chul, Crazy Dad throws all his hired help out and leaves the house to work in peace.  This time nothing is going to stop his destruction of his comic book nemesis.


Except Kang Chul himself who somehow becomes aware of his world’s oddities.  Kang Chul is able to see the break between worlds and use a moment in time to get his car out of the way of a speeding truck of doom.  Crazy Dad’s crazy level jumps a few spots and we see a frustrated and shocked creator witnessing his character changing its own fate.  What will happen?  Will we have Kang Chul travel to the real world?  How is Yeon Joo going to survive the embarrassment of “the kiss” when she reunites with her dashing hero?  How are things going to progress next week?  Sadly, those answers will have to be gathered in 7 days.


My Thoughts:


I love Han Hyo Joo.  I love Lee Jong Suk.  I love them together and everything about this drama.  It is truly unique and entertaining.  A drama that I would suggest to everyone….. and not only because you will then come read my recaps, but simply because this drama rocks!

To Be Continued….


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  1. Aegyo that actually works! It makes you realize how lovely and attractive real aegyo is and how bad it is when it’s badly done. Love this drama. Love this article too. But I will challenge you. I don’t think Dad is crazy. Something else is going on….but what?

  2. I am loving this drama! It is so different and the chemistry is so good between the leads. I wonder if Dad has realized that he has lost control of his comic book world and that is making him crazy. He seems tired of the world he created as though he doesn’t want to draw it anymore. It seemed as though there was another party involved too. Because someone is carrying out Dad’s wishes with knives and phone calls to questionable healthcare staff. I can’t wait to see where this is going.

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