The Fangirls Day 29 – 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge


We are getting so close to the end!  I might even miss this daily posting a bit.  Check out our Day 29 where we discuss dramas that everyone loved……..except us.

DAY 29: Drama that everyone else absolutely loved and you absolutely did not.

CLKYTTA: This may get me kicked out of the club, but I didn’t finish Heirs or Boys Over Flowers.  I couldn’t stand either drama.  I liked Lee Min Ho in other dramas, so I don’t think it’s him, I just hated both storylines.


Drama Geek: If we’re talking the greater watching audience it would probably be Heirs and Descendants of the Sun (notice a commonality?) Heirs came at an interesting time in my watching journey. I think it was the first drama I anticipated along with all my drama friends. I watched every preview and snapped up every image online of the cast in California. Needless to say that when it aired, and I was greatly disappointed in the end product, it was a huge let down. I was prepared to not like DotS but the hype still made me tune in for the first 4 episodes. Then all my news feeds became bombarded with it and I ran the other way. The story wasn’t pulling me in, and I couldn’t take all the gushy love for it. I finally know how all the Healer non-fans felt when it aired.


Kdrama Jen:  This is true confession time.  I have not been able to finish or even get past the first three episodes of Faith.  I know some people love it, but I have tried four times.  If enough people really insist it is wonderful, then I will give it a 5th try.  Another that others seemed to love, but I was feel “meh” about is Heirs.  It was OK, but not equal to the hype.  And finally, I could not stand Heart to Heart, and I know some people LOVED it.  It’s awesome, though, that Kdramaland offers us so much variety that we can always find something to love.


KMUSE:  This is hard since most of my “most hated” dramas were not that popular to begin with.  But if I had to choose something then I am throwing Pasta into the pot.  I have several friends where this is one of their top 5 dramas.  For me I find the leading man so unlikable and annoying that I had to force myself to finish.  If I had viewed this show back when I dropped things, it would have been so dropped.


Only one day left to go!  Be sure to check back tomorrow as we sign off on the Thirty Day Asian Drama Challenge.

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14 thoughts on “The Fangirls Day 29 – 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge

  1. Can We Get Married?, and Prime Minister and I – awful, couldn’t get finish the third Episode for either, and I’ve watched about 3800 hours of kdrama not counting movies and currently watching 4 series at a time. Since it was mentioned – I loved Faith, the whole scifi historical fusion genre and I fell in love with the Captain (but not LMH).

    • Wow, 3800 hours! I’m kind of afraid to tally what I’ve watched now.

      I’ve tried to start Healer about 3 times so far. It wasn’t a huge hit in Korea, I guess, but everybody else seems to love it.

  2. Heart to Heart and Oh, My Venus…Heart to Heart was just weird, the shrink should have been jailed or at least lose his license. Oh, My Venus felt so artificial…I felt each person acting, couldn’t get into the characters at all. Give Faith another try, don’t look for perfect story, just a lot of fun.

  3. I totally agree with you about “Descendents of the Sun.” Partly because it WAS so popular, and partly because I wasn’t sure the setting would be interesting, I stayed away from it even beyond it’s conclusion. I eventually MADE myself watch it to try to understand all the hoopla. It’s mostly because I DID finally finish it that I really dislike it — in the last episode, the show basically made fun of itself and all the melodrama and impossible situations. I found it insulting and stupid. And one more thought — I really feel that Song Joon Ki was miscast for the lead role — what a little wimp to be the head of all those soldiers. I’m not saying he isn’t a good actor, because he was really excellent in “Sungkyunkwan Scandal”!… I agree with you on “Faith,” too. I did watch it all the way through, but what a let down! But I disagree with you on “Pasta” — loved everything about it, especially Gong Hyo Jin! And I thought Lee Sun Kyun was a refreshing break from all the pretty-boy leading men. I think “Pasta” would at least make my top 10 list.

  4. I didn’t even touch Heirs past the first two episodes. The whole school/uniform thing after the OTP’s encounter in the States turned me completely off and I gave up on the show faster than the speed of light.
    Boys Over Flowers practically landed on me when I was watching KBS World. It was worse than most dramas I had watched that far but, at the same time, I had a great time watching it. The notorious song, the not-so-good acting and the display of absurd wealth were so entertaining in their own bizarre way. I’d never rewatch though…
    DotS failed to win me over. I used the FFW button so many times until the finale (a volcano eruption in Canada! WHAAATTT?) that I can’t even be sure of whether I completed the show or dropped it altogether.
    For the record, I simply loved Heart2Heart, minus the melodramatic backstory. The OTP’s interaction was absolutely fabulous – extremely good actors plus their performances gave the word “chemistry” a whole different meaning.

  5. Of all the above, I totally agree about Heirs and Boys Over Flowers, and I’ll throw in Flower Boy Ramyun Shop!!!!

  6. Winter Sonata. I’ve tried to watch it twice. By ep 8, I remembered why I dropped it the first time. Ugh…hate it.

  7. For me, it was Gentlemen’s Dignity. The bromance was great but I couldn’t finish the show. It was the first drama I ever dropped. I was just so bored by the story.

  8. I have to join the club on this one – couldn’t tolerate either Heirs or Descendants of the Sun. It wasn’t the acting but the writing.

    If by ‘popular’ you mean dramas with high ratings, then I am not ‘getting’ Doctors either – again, not the acting but the writing.

  9. – secret Garden… Just didn’t like it
    – Heirs … Cannot stand the story
    – moon that embraces the sun … The adult version lost me
    – Oh my Ghostess… I super super super love all the actors (PBY, JJS, they are two of my favourite actors/actresses) … but I just wished every incident and moments that made Chef fall in love, is with the actual person and not when the ghost was within.

  10. Wise prison life/prison playbook.
    They say it’s funny. They say the drama is good.
    I wait wait and wait for the funny thing but it doesn’t come even when i type “Wise prison life funny scenes” at youtube.
    Even Kang Seungyoon, one of my bias can’t save that drama. Nope.
    I’m bored, bye.

    Btw i also don’t like the heirs, nowadays i think there’s more people that don’t like that drama than people who like it.
    It have the most boring storyline ever.

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