Is Ice Fantasy The Chinese Drama for You?

b34I am sure everyone who uses Viki and Dramafever for their drama viewing pleasure has noticed the sudden huge push for the Chinese drama Ice Fantasy.  You might be wondering if it is something you might check out?  So before investing 62 hours on this high fantasy adventure, let’s do a little checklist to see if this is the Chinese drama for you.

SYNOPSIS: The story is set a hundred years after a war between the Empire of Snow (Ice Tribe) and the Fire Tribe, where the Fire Tribe was defeated. However, the war was fatal, leaving Prince Ka Suo and his younger half-brother Ying Kong Shi the only royal heirs and pure-blood ice illusionists left in the Ice Tribe. Conflict ensues after Ka Suo reluctantly ascends to the throne as his lover, Li Luo, and his brother go missing.


#1 Do you like High Fantasy?

This is 100% a fantasy drama.  If you throw together Thor, Dungeons and Dragons, The Hobbit, and random other fantasy stories out there.  Mix them all together and make everyone Asian, then this would be the result.  If you don’t like this kind of story then look elsewhere.  This is not the drama for you.


#2 Does the overuse of CGI (Computer Generated Images) make you break out in hives?

There are so many CGI aspects to this drama that you won’t go more than two minutes without some fantastical magical moment being created by computers.  And we are not talking the CGI you see on Hollywood blockbusters.  This is more your Syfy channel special effects.  They are going to be cheesy.  Very very cheesy.  So be sure to embrace your inner cheesy geek.  If you can’t this might not be the drama for you.


#3 Are you able to go the distance when it comes to drama length?

Ice Fantasy is a 62 episode commitment.  Sure they are only 40 minutes long, but the time still adds up and you will have to be committed to watching 6 episodes a week to the drama’s conclusion.   Personally, I suggest trying to watch along while it airs.  With this kind of show, it is very easy to fall behind and drop unless you are diligent.


#4 Are you OK with really over the top melodramatic bad guys?

The Fire Tribe combines every 90’s emo kid’s angsty wardrobe and throws it together to create the Fire Tribe look.  Farrah Faucet hair and punk glam is obviously the style de jour.  It really makes me think they all just needed more hugs as babies.

After answering the above questions and you now think you are ready to dip your toes into the Ice Fantasy waters, then here are a few observations from the first four episodes.  No spoilers, but just general thoughts regarding what I liked and didn’t like about this drama.

First, I would like to say I appreciate the vivid colors in many of the scenes.  The director really does a good job at making blues and reds pop out of the screen.  That said, I really wish that the Ice & Fire Tribes did not have colored contact lenses.  Sure it looks cool and makes a great screencap, but then I lose so much emotion in the eyes that the acting often comes across as stiff and blank.



I put this almost completely at fault with the contacts which really take away from the tone.  I was very happy that the blue eyes were hidden in the human realm.  I never thought I would say this, but the blue eyed Asian look is not working for me in this drama.


So far the romance is not a factor so I can’t really comment on its quality.  I will say that I am enjoying Victoria Song‘s performance so far.  Maybe even more than Feng Shao Feng’s which comes as a huge surprise.  Again, I blame it on the lack of emotions due to contact use. At least that is the reason I am claiming since Feng Shao Feng is just so pretty. I would be so upset if Prince of Lan Ling was just a fluke of his acting abilities.


Since I don’t really want to give any spoilers I will end my thoughts here.  If you ask me whether I would suggest you watch this drama ASAP? Probably not.  It is entertaining enough and I plan on sticking with it, but it is nowhere near the level of love I have for many other Chinese dramas (Check out our Chinese Review section if you need some better drama suggestions).  If you do decide to watch, be sure to drop me a line in the comments, on Facebook (Amber Kmuse or The Crazy Ahjummas), or on twitter @AmberKmuse.  I love to chat dramas and am happy to discuss Ice Fantasy if anyone needs a place to vent or rave.

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  1. After one episode, all I could think of was “Damn, that’s a lot of fake ears!” Also, those popping colors make my eyes hurt. I might tune in if there’s some fantastic kissing but otherwise- no.

  2. I’ll wait until it’s done and then decide if I’ll watch more. First two episodes were okay. The story-line sounds really good, so in my opinion success depends upon execution and performances. Thanks for the post.

  3. Honestly i loved the drama so much because of its amazing visuals and story. Everyone else is complaining about the CGI, fake ears but i personally found it bearable and most of the time not effecting me at all. The good news is, after episode 3 when they went to the human realm, the CGI becomes less used so i suggest people watch just a few more than 2 episodes to see what the story is like. 🙂

  4. Count me in! Cheesy CGI and all! I’d actually been on the fence because I’ve been trying to train my ear for Korean and didn’t want to throw off my momentum. But I love the look of this show.

  5. This is my first fantasy Chinese drama and I’m in love it already but not because of the first few episodes but the scenes in the teasers that have me hooked on what’s to come.
    And, Victoria is so beautiful in this drama and her acting fits so well with character you could take one look at her and know she’s a strong,dependable warrior. The costume/make up and CGI in this drama is very good so I don’t understand why it has so many bad reviews!
    People need to realize their own taste in dramas and move on if they think this drama not for them instead of being halfhearted. There is no use complaining and forcing the producers to cancel the show.
    These are DRAMAS! The point is its has to be dramatic and unrealistic ESPECIALLY since its FANTASY.

    This drama gets a 8/10 for me so far! ;D

  6. So far, I like it. I’m only into episode 4 right now.

    I like FSF because I saw him in Prince of Lanling, but you’re right so far his acting looks “fake” or insincere, probably because of the contacts.

    I love the high quality set, and costumes. However the CGI bugs me. So far the show is dragging, in terms of the storyline, but I’ll see as the story progresses. lol.

  7. It’s actually pretty good. The first eps were a bit draggy but it picks up in eps 5 and above. I never expected to enjoy it despite the cringeworthy CGI and bad dialogue. It’s High Fantasy done eastern Style so if it’s not your cup of tea you can always drop it. I myself love this kind of genre and tbh this is one of the shows in this genre that is executed well. ^_^

  8. I cringed over the overuse of CGI but otherwise it’s entertaining. Acting skills are good. And more importantly, so many beautiful people! Binge watching this series now and hope the episodes to be released faster.

  9. Hi, when I’ve been reading this post, I already had an answer for all Your so called ‘questions’.
    Let’s clear this up. First of all You have to understand one little, but ve-e-e-ery important thing: Feng – is an actor. And this is his job. This is his way to earn the money to live. That’s all. The more different roles he will play, the more greater actor he will be. To be more clear: let’s imagine one genius pastry chef, who can create beautiful and tasty cream pies. If he always creates these cream pies and never tries to create something else, a wedding cake, for example, he will never be greater pastry chef and will never improve his talents. Am I clear? So, the same will be with the actors, designers, engineers, etc, etc. If You want to gain some progress – You have to try everything that has the connections with the ‘role’ You had chose in Your life. This is simple, isn’t it?
    His role in ‘Ice Fantasy’ is fantastic. He plays a wise king, who can prevent the war without bloodshed. He tries to use his wisdom and brains, not sword or an army. This is really GREAT role! William Feng in his age and with his talents could never chose any stupid or nonsense roles. Believe me, I know that I’m talking about. The King Ka Sou is the example for all people, who live on this planet, for all politicians – how to live without war. From the first Episode You can see how Ka So prevented the conflict between the Ice and the Fire Tribes using his diplomacy and kindness. The strongest man is not that use his physical power, but the one who use his mind and wisdom. The screenplay is ingenious! Still, it makes me believe, what one day people, who try to rule this world will understand such simple and important things. Because the war will generate the war and the wisdom will generate the wisdom.
    And the last thing: if You want to write some review, don’t connect Yourself to the current actor, especially if You think that he is the most beautiful man (or woman) in the world. 🙂 In this case the author of the article will look like a child who is disappointed in his favourite cinema-star. It’s good idea to avoid so called IMHO (In My Hummable Opinion), if You really want to write good article. And it’s also good idea to analyse the information deeply and try to understand the motivations of the actors when they choose any new role.
    Thank You for understanding.
    Wind OfDestiny

    • Sorry if I offended you at all. I am looking at the show from a story view point after just the first several episode which I stated in the review. I have nothing against William Feng as an actor. I do know a lot of people are enjoying the drama which is great. I hope to finish it as well and be satisfied with the drama as a whole. However, I also know that this is not going to be everyone’s style of drama hence the topic of the post. Regardless of an actor’s talents if a person doesn’t like the genre style they might not like the drama. Hopefully I helped people decide if they wanted to watch. But again, this was just after two weeks of it airing. If people are interested in checking it out they should watch and judge for themselves.

      • 🙂 Nothing personal. You didn’t offend me at all ) As a graphic designer I get many different offers from the customers. Some of these offers I like and others – don’t like. And there might be many reasons. But… if I understand that some of the offers that I don’t like, will give me an opportunity to increase my knowledges, I will make a try 🙂
        Ice Fantasy is one of the best Asian drama I’ve ever seen. Since 1999 I watch many Asian cinema and serials. They are really great, because most of them teach us to be kind and wise. 🙂

  10. @WindofDestiny – Your writing tone sounds as if you are very much offended and comes off as quite aggressive (and a bit rude) toward AMBERKMUSE, the author. Perhaps it is a language barrier because there is absolutely nothing offensive in any way about the original post/ article. The questions are given in a hypothetical way, giving readers an idea of what to expect from this series so they can make a decision as to whether they would like to watch it or not. Nothing more, nothing less.

  11. I really like the series. Seeing the lace front on the wig and the fake ear tips is really annoying, but the story itself is good. I’m surprised to hear that Feng Shaofeng is a good actor since I have only seen him in this series, and the character Ka Suo does get to do things that will showcase a great acting ability…I guess. It ends next week and I’ll be pretty sad to see it go.

    • @Tina Frederick – I’m like that too. I like my fantasy shows to remain fantasy. There’s no fantasy if it LOOKS fake. That’s why I actually resisted when my son bought me an HD tv years ago. He said “You can see the actors’ pimples. You can see the hidden zippers on Star Trek”. My response: “I LIKE my actors skin appearing flawless and I LOVE not being able to see how they got into a costume on Star Trek!”

      But just recently while visiting my son, he has bought an even clearer tv. All tv shows and movies, no matter how good the quality, look like cheap soap operas! You can see the cheap thinness of the walls and doors on the sets. It all looks like tape instead of film (which, technically I guess that’s more real because that’s what the news broadcasts look like). And while I realize this makes me sound old and curmudgeonly, (I really do like new tech), I’ll be resisting this technology too. I’ll keep my HD tvs, thank you, very much.

  12. Is there a season 2 because it ended with a tiny hope that it’s not ending at Ep62 at all lol. Regardless of everything.. the savvy affects etc etc.. I really actually enjoyed the whole drama ordeals and I never once got bored instead I can’t even wait for the new episodes to air 🙂 but that’s me I guess. I hope cross fingers that it will have part 2 to this because it end in suspense and I don’t like the suspense ending .. lol. I have to rewatch everything all over again 🙂

  13. I started to watch Ice Fantasy on netflix and I loved it! I was shocked when I saw there were 62 episodes, but I could not stop till the 62th episode …..I’m mad!
    I really really hope there will be a second part and very soon, I’m so sorry I cannot read or understand chinese because I would have bought the boks. Perhaps they are available in english or italian? I need to check. I loved Ice Fantasy it so much! <3

  14. 5 days in to Ice Fantasy and I’m already on episode 33, they had me at episode 2. This drama will take you on an emotional roller coaster, I just had to add this to my Top Favorites along with Gu Family Book and The Moon that Embraced The Sun. I’ve never fell for any characters as much as I have in these 3 drama series. I’ve gotta find them all on disc.

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