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Today is my first solo blog post and of course it’s a fangirl stalking post.  I’m Clkytta, and I’m an avid drama fan who is delighted that I can share my drama watching addiction with you. Why did I pick Jang Hyuk for my first solo blog post?  First, his voice, he has one of those voices that sounds kind of gravelly and super sexy and just makes you tingle all over. Second, his eyes, he has amazingly expressive eyes that can convey pure delight, or extreme coldness. Third, his laugh, he has the most amazing laugh, it’s not what you would expect out of such a manly man, and it makes me laugh with him. Last, but not least, I’m a woman pushing 40, and while I love flower boys, there is something about a more mature man that just draws me in.



The Rules of Fangirl Stalking:

We will start with the dramas I think are must watch works by the actor.  Followed by the shows that could go either way.  This means that they are worth watching in my opinion, but I know there are some people who don’t like the genre.  Lastly, we will cover the dramas/movies that you really could skip and not miss much (at least in regards of the actor featured).  These are the shows that are for die-hard fans who want to watch everything.  So let’s jump into obsessing about Jang Hyuk!


Watch ASAP!

Beautiful Mind-I’m heartbroken that they are cutting the episodes on this one. Jang Hyuk is brilliant here, his portrayal of a doctor who isn’t able to feel emotions is so heart wrenching. I know this one isn’t done yet, and I know that it has been cut short, but I’m hoping against hope that it ends in a way I can be happy with.


Fated To Love You-I’m a sucker for second chance romances and this is one holds a special place in my heart.  Lee Gun is one of my favorite characters that Jang Hyuk plays.  His laugh is everything in this one, and I wish I could bottle up that sound and play it when my life gets rough.  A well-written character is one thing, an actor who can bring that character to life and make him one of the most memorable characters of all time is something else.


Chuno- This was my first drama that I watched starring Jang Hyuk.  I spent the whole drama wondering who this actor was, and I immediately went to watch as many of his dramas as I could find. His portrayal of Dae Gil was perfect, he gets into his characters and makes them so believable and real that you just get sucked in.  Also, his hair and facial scruff are perfect in this one.


Depending On My Mood

Shine or Go Crazy-Jang Hyuk is perfect as Wang So, but this is one drama that made me yell and scream at the screen.  The acting is great, the storyline, not so much.  The is worth a watch simply for Jang Hyuk’s facial expressions, no one does a longing look quite like him. I hated the ending, hated it. So when I take a look back at this one I just pretend it ended on episode 24 at time stamp 41.  Trust me on this one, it should have just ended right there.


Tree with Deep Roots-This one has great reviews, and it’s on my list, but I haven’t actually watched it.  There is a lot of eye candy in this one. Come to think of it, I’m not sure why I haven’t watched this one yet, I’ll have to move it to the top of my watch list.



For the Die Hard Fans

Tazza-This drama won several awards, but it’s really dark, and I’m not a big fan of dark.  The cast is full of familiar faces and it’s amazing how Jang Hyuk and Han Ye Seul don’t seemed to have aged a bit.


Thank You-This is another older drama and another one I have not watched yet.  I’ve heard a lot of comparisons of his character in this one to his character in Beautiful Mind.  


I discovered several dramas with Jang Hyuk that somehow weren’t on my radar and I’ve added them to my list as I was doing this blog post.  I hope that it has helped some of you who are mourning the end of Beautiful Mind find more opportunities to enjoy the work of this great actor.

Til our next stalking adventure,



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  1. I LOVE him!!!! He plays every character beautifully! Of his past works, I love Fated to Love You the most…soo outstanding with Jang Na Ra, such romance!!! They starred together in the old drama (think it was 2002), Successful Story of a Bright Girl – enjoyed it! I like contemporary dramas more than the sageuk, but I did ff through a lot of Shine or Go Crazy, and didn’t like the ending.
    How can I let go of Beautiful Mind…I’ll just have to rewatch!!!!!

  2. Jang Hyuk is doing an incredible job in Beautiful Mind. This tops his Chuno performance, and I really hope he gets some recognition for this – awards better be tumbling at his feet because he deserves every one of them.

  3. Chuno was also the first JH drama I watched that made me fall in love with him.. and how can you not watch TWDR or Thank You yet? Those 2 are my favourites!

    Personally I didnt really like FTLY, I would prefer Iris-2 or The Flu.

    And of coz Beautiful Mind.

  4. Great post! Definitely watch Tree With Deep Roots. If you liked Six Flying Dragons, then you will see the connections and enjoy it even more. Loved Jang Hyuk in it and adored seeing Song Joong Ki in it too.

  5. Omg girl! Hi5!!! Cause you kinda described all the aspects I love about this man as a hottie and as an actor. I fell in love with him in TWDR, my first drama of his. In retrospect, he is a bit on the “intense” side on that one (some ppl don’t like that) but its what first impressed me about him, that intense stare, dangerous and SEXY at the same time. Its a well written drama too. Then I watched Chuno and well, I died obviously :p. I have no words to describe the intensity of the love I feel for Daegil. I would like to recommend Thank You. It definitely has the feel of ep 6 of Beautiful Mind. Grumpy hot Doctor goes to an island and re-discovers the beauty of life (something like that) Its a quiet, unpretentious drama that seems melodramatic in its premise but its in reality one of the most heartwarming shows I’ve ever watched. Now LYO has definitely climbed up there with my favorites characters of Hyukie, Its Daegil, LYO and Gunnie, in no particular order (depends on who I’m watching at the moment :D) and yes Im one of those who has watched virtually everything of him available and rewatched some of those dramas more than once. Yup! You could say Im a little obsessed :p Nice reading you and thank you for this.

  6. You should give Robber a shot too. I know it’s not very popular and the writing is spotty at times and the character he plays is really sleazy for the first quarter of the drama’s run, but if you like a good redemption arc, then this will appeal to you, and he acts up a storm for this role. I’m a sucker for the “redeemed by love” trope, and I ended up really enjoying the drama. Thank You is my favorite Jang Hyuk drama though, it’s truly wonderful.

  7. Never been a fan of him..I’d watched him ln fated to love you and shine or go crazy But Now Im goin to watch his other dramas because he gave me huge impact at Beautiful Mind which I’d fallen for him ,such devastating feelings but till the end I will support beautiful mind.. Since This drama made me feel love not just by the drama but the support I’d have receive on the petition we had made.. This is in the history.. Love you Jang Hyuk all the way till eternal.♡

    • He is such a great actor. He really gets into his characters. I would go back and watch Fated to Love You again, you will probably be amazed at all the little things you see when you watch it again.

    • Camille, I recommend Chuno (aka Slavehunters) next because you will be irredeemably a Hyukie-girl then. There’s no coming back from the character he portrays there and his acting leaves no doubt who is THE top actor in S. Korea (even if he didn’t have abs of steel, which he totally did and that’s just icing on the cream cheesecake.)

      Once you fall completely in love with him in Chuno, you’ll have the patience to watch him in anything, even shows that take several episodes to get to the good stuff.

  8. Chuno is my first drama with JH. I actually watched Chuno for the other actor but ended up loving him. He just stole my heart with his incredible screen presence. The other show I like is Robber. Don’t know how many times I’ve re-watched this. But now with Beautiful Mind, Young Oh has become my favourite character of his. No doubt, he deserved an award with this, but knowing how the award system is in Korea, I don’t really has any hope. But that doesn’t hide the fact that he deserved the award.

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  10. Love this site! Another chance to think, dream, & listen to anything to do with JANG HYUK. I am hopelessly besotted, over the moon, madly in love , (just short of stalker level) with the man. He’s got it all…voice, talent, eyes, mouth, hair, body, die for! Even though I’ve been happily married many years, he is my secret affair I sneak off with whenever I can! And not be a bad girl! I love the fact he seems to be happily married and those kids must be gorgeous…wouldn’t we all die to see a picture of them??!
    I am sick, sick, sick, but love, love, love his kissing scenes the best…you’ve got two episodes JANG, to come on strong in BM, so you’d better deliver big time! My favorite right now is ep. 16 of ROBBERS, around time stamp 38.. Wearing a blue sweater sitting on the floor with JDR., talking about going shopping..but he has something better in mind..and you can actually see the glint in his eye! And any girl would die to be kissed like that! Help me, I’m a goner for sure!
    Thanks for listening…please keep writing…so enjoyable!

  11. Thanks Beez, and I would so want to believe that is his kid, but heard that that was just a photo shoot for something (forgot now what) so maybe we can check it out more.. I know from your comments that you are about as far gone as I am over Mr. HYUK …it’s fun, is t it?? Can hardly wait for the wrap up..PLEASE DONT BREAK MY HEART KBS (ANY MORE THAT YOU HAVE ALREADY!)

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